Bonneville Dam (Columbia River) Photo Album

[Taken July 2009 by Ramblin' Ralph]
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RVJuly09 160.jpg

Old turbine in use for nearly 60 years!

RVJuly09 161.jpg

Here are the turbine facts.

RVJuly09 162.jpg

View of flow from Washington side of dam.

RVJuly09 163.jpg

Vistor Center Building

RVJuly09 164.jpg

Fish count passing dam via fish ladders.

RVJuly09 169.jpg

A person looks through a window like this and actually counts the fish & type.  I kid you not!  If you don't believe me, call them and ask. :)
[Don't tell 'em who sent you.]

RVJuly09 171.jpg

Fish ladder bypassing dam that fish "climb" to go upstream & spawn.

RVJuly09 175.jpg

Electrical towers.

RVJuly09 176.jpg

High voltage insulators.

RVJuly09 178.jpg

Flowers and flow.

RVJuly09 180.jpg

There goes the power over the hill.  Zoom!