Ramblin' Ralph's Bristlecone Pineforest Photo Album

[Taken May 2007]

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BristleconePF 009.jpg

BristleconePF 017.jpg

BristleconePF 018.jpg
This is the tree described in the plaque (left)

BristleconePF 020.jpg
Gotta be tough to live up here at 10,000 feet.

BristleconePF 027.jpg

BristleconePF 031.jpg

BristleconePF 036.jpg

BristleconePF 044.jpg

BristleconePF 045.jpg

BristleconePF 047.jpg

BristleconePF 052.jpg

BristleconePF 057.jpg

BristleconePF 060.jpg

BristleconePF 061.jpg

RVMay07 1201.jpg
View of Sierras from near campground

RVMay07 122.jpg
Another tough little plant