Yellowstone National Park Photo Album

[Taken August 2006]

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Yellowstone0806 001.jpg
A fire in the south of the Park

Yellowstone0806 011.jpg
Old Faithful does its thing

Yellowstone0806 023.jpg
Need to boil an egg?

Yellowstone0806 028.jpg
Nice River

Yellowstone0806 038.jpg
Elk having dinner

Yellowstone0806 060.jpg
Road hog

Yellowstone0806 078.jpg
Lots of hot stuff around here

Yellowstone0806 084.jpg
Colorful hot stuff

Yellowstone0806 088.jpg
Beefalo in the campground!

Yellowstone0806 104.jpg
Glassy lake

Yellowstone0806 106.jpg
MightyYellowstone River

Yellowstone0806 116.jpg
Lower Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone0806 119.jpg
Wow, lots of trees

Yellowstone0806 146.jpg
100 yr old U.S. Army house

Yellowstone0806 153.jpg

Yellowstone0806 163.jpg
Northern Entrance to Park





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