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Here are some tips from my several years of RVing in my truck camper.  Nothing earth shattering, but hopefully useful to some of you fellow RVers.

  • Great website at  Zoom in on the map and pick your campground!  Federal/State/Local government ones only.  GPS coordinates given.  10,000+ campgrounds in the US and Canada.  I didn't count them, however. :)

  • There is a good series of books by Falcon Guide for non-commercial campgrounds in various states.  Look for "Camping Montana", etc.
  • I buy the Delorme Atlas/Gazetteer for states I frequently visit.  Shows all the backroads (Forest Svc, etc.) that other maps don't.

  • Only about once a year is my planned campground for the night full when I get there.  I usually stay at U.S. Forest Service campgrounds and arrive between 4 and 5 p.m..  This early arrival helps in finding an empty site.  I never make reservations.  Note: Recently I've been encountering campgrounds that are closed (refurb, early seasonal close, etc.).  Best to call the local Forest Service office to check the status.  Only works during business hours, however.
  • Set your water heater temperature to what you like for a hot shower.  This way you won't have to mess around with getting the right cold/hot "mix" and waste water.  Just turn on the hot knob.  Also catch the initial water flow in a small container until the water gets hot.  If you're really frugal, pour it back into the fresh water tank.  If you're not, at least you've reduced the water going into the grey tank.
  • Through experience, learn about how many days it takes to fill your grey and black tanks.  Those nifty little indicator lights aren't very reliable.  You'll notice they might show 1/3 or 2/3 full right after you've dumped your tanks!
  • I mark down the date each time I dump my tanks and fill my propane tank. This way I know when I'm getting close to a full tank and need to find a dump station.   Also I keep track of the number of showers since the last dump, since showers have the biggest impact on the tank filling.  I can usually go 6-7 days before the 14 gallon grey tank is full (taking a shower every other day) and around 10-14 days on my 5 gallon propane tank.  My 14 gallon black tank is never near full when the grey needs dumping.
  • Check out thiese websites for good tips on RVing and truck campers.  I look at each daily.
  • Down John's Road:  A good book written by a guy that bought a truck camper and spent 80 days and nearly 13K miles recreating John Steinbecks's 1960 Travels With Charley trip around the perimeter of the US.
  • A good website for Wyoming National and State Parks is here:
  • Most important tip:  HAVE FUN!


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