RV Roamings - 2010
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 I bought my truck and camper in late October of 2005.  After taking a few short trips in it, I "hit the road" full-time May 2006 for 6 months.  Did it again for 6 months in 2007 -> 2010.   Now it's 2011 (my how time flies) and I'm doing it again!  Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are.  I'm not making entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds for this year or when I stay with my kids or friends.  Campsite fees are for one night with no discount (and no hookups).  However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50% off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks..  One of the few ways (in addition to retirement) it pays to get older.

Note: Click on small photos for a larger one.  Click on the USA map/flag () to see the actual camp location (green arrow) on a map (+/- 50 ft). 

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My ramblin' for 2011 is over.  I'm back in my winter residence on the Central Coast of California.  Even though I had to take a short break during my travels, I'm surprised to see I logged almost as many campsites as in the previous years (but not as many nights camping).  If you haven't looked at my campsite map, it provides an interesting pictorial of my travel route for the year.  Check it out here.

This year's stats:

  • 9600 miles, 11.3 mpg, $3.87/gal average fill-up
  • 74 nights camping (including 7 boondocking, but excluding in driveways, etc.) in 64 different campsites
  • $10.53 average campsite fee, with discount and $14.51 without.  Free campsites (boondocking, etc.) included in average cost.

Thanks for traveling along with me this year!  I'll send you a bill for your part of the gas expense later. :)





Cabello CG (USFS).  About 18 mi W of Frazier Park, CA on hwy 33 (aka Frazier Mtn Park Rd) and Mil Potrero Rd then 1/2 mile on uphill, narrow, curvy dirt road NF-9N27 (you don't want to meet anyone).  5900 ft. (Highest CG since Sept 8!)  

Wider CG View

Primitive CG with 5 sites on uneven land.  Only one site nice and flat for RVs (and I'm not in it).  Pinyon (?) pines and live oak trees.  Ancient pit toilets.  The small flies that liked my face and ears drove me inside.  Too bad, as it was a nice sunny afternoon. Zippo hwy noise here at night.  Also zippo cost @ $0



Pinnacles National Monument CG.  29 mi S of Hollister, CA on CA25, then 2 mi SW on CA146.  1000 ft.

Buck Deer
Rows of Green
Miles of Brown
Mission San Miguel

120 paved sites (incl 37 w/elec) on level land.  Several really big oak trees and other smaller trees and bushes.  Swimming pool.  Saw lots of quail, some rabbits and a deer in the CG.  No generators allowed.  Yay!!  Lots of hiking trails nearby.  Only about 10 sites occupied.  When I was here last year the interior CG road was dirt and rough.  Now it's paved.  Got my same site as last year (#46) under a big oak tree for all day shade.  $23.



Kyen CG (COE) on Lake Medocino.  6+ mi N from Ukiah, CA on US101 then 2+ mi E on CA20. 800 ft.  

Gloomy Lake

Only one loop open with 21 paved sites on a hillside.  You'll probably need your leveling blocks. Across the road from the lake, so not much (if any) lake view from a site, due to trees.  Two other CGs on the lake closed for the season.  I was surprised to find several sites in use mid-week.  $20.

Another wet day.  Rained most of the night.  Grrrr.



Huckleberry CG in Richardson Grove State Park.  About 8 mi S of Garberville, CA on US101.  500 ft.  

CG Road View
Mighty Big Trees
More MBTs

36 paved sites among some mighty big redwood trees (up to 7 to 8 feet in diameter!).  You'll probably need your leveling blocks.  Two other CGs within the park (170 sites total).  My GPS said I was here in 2009, but don't remember it. Was $20 then, but now gouged again by CA at $35.

Been raining on and off for the last 4 days.  I'm tired of it!  :)



Elk Prairie CG in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.  36 mi S of Crescent City, CA on US101 then about 1 mi N on Drury Scenic Hwy. 100 ft.  

Wet CG
Wood Carving #1
Wood Carving #2

68 paved sites surrounded by trees and bushes.  Some sites were closed for the season.  It was raining, so I didn't explore any.  Sticker shock @ $35 (CA budget crisis a couple of years ago produced these ridiculous fees.  Just compare to my previous stops).



Humbug Mountain State Park.  6 mi S of Port Orford, OR on US101.  50 ft.  

Humbug Mountain
Big Driftwood
|No Sun Today at Beach

94 paved sites in beautiful setting on level land.  Split into 2 sections, well apart.  Nice large grass area in both sections.  Right alongside US101, so it's a bit noisy in the day.  Less than 1/2 mile walk to a nice beach (under 101).  $13 (winter rates just started; $17 summer)



Jessie M. Honeyman State Park.  3 mi S of Florence, OR off US101.  150 ft.  

(raindrops on the lens)
Wet Bridge Driving

An even bigger CG than last night.  350+ paved sites in dense trees with plenty of shade.  About half with hookups. Yurts, also.  Sand dunes nearby.  Tried 2 FS CGs a bit S, but they were closed for the season (Hey FS, there are people that travel after Labor Day!).  $21 ($26 w/hookups).



South Beach State Park.  1.5 mi S of Newport, OR on US101.  35 ft.  

Classic Old Bridge
Cool Jellyfish

Big CG with 250 to 300 (didn't count 'em)  sites in 9 loops.  Most are paved with hookups.  I'm in the new no hookup area with gravel road and sites. These sites seem to be farther apart than the paved ones.  Yurts also available.  1/2 mile trail to the beach.  $21 ($27 w/hookups).

The next day I visited the very interesting Oregon Coast Aquarium.



River Bend CG (County).  About 9 mi E of Sweet Home, OR on US20.  700 ft.  

"Popsicle" Peak
CG River
CG River Trail
Where When I Need It?

A very nice CG!  Even though it's county, it's on par with nice State CGs.  83 paved sites.  Almost all (73) with hookups.  Good privacy between most sites due to dense vegetation.  Paved roads within CG.  Flush toilets and showers.  The South Santiam River is on the perimeter, even though it can't be seen from campsites due to trees/bushes.  River trail for walking.  Some hwy noise, but the back of the CG has much less.  $22 ($26 with hookups).



Link Creek CG (USFS).  13+ mi NW of Sisters, OR on US20 then 2+ mi S on FR.  3400 ft.  

Suttle Lake
Beautiful Lake Sunset
Automated Dump Fee

33 dirt sites on gently sloping land beside picturesque, tree rimmed Suttle Lake.  Also 3 yurt style cabins. Most sites have a lot of shade.  Quite a bit of truck noise from busy US20 hwy across the lake.  Other 2 FS CGs on this lake have closed for the season.  Down to 32F at night.  $16.



Cold Springs CG (USFS) 5 mi W of Sisters, OR on hwy 242.  3400 ft.  

CG Creek
Deschutes River

Nice CG with 23 dirt sites spaced well apart.  Still got the old style pit toilets, though.  Tall, tall pine trees and some of the tallest aspens I've seen.  Plenty of shade.  Was here in Sept 2008, also.  Was going to boondock nearby, but the areas I knew about were taken already.  $14.



Clear Lake CG (USFS).  10 mi SE of Government Camp, OR on US26 then 1 mi S on Forest Rd.  3500 ft.  

Gloomy Clear Lake
A More Serene Lake
Dead What?

Nice CG with 26 dirt sites on land sloping towards the shore of Clear Lake.  In a dense stand of tall trees, so plenty of shade.  Weekend is over and only a couple of other sites in use.  Gloomy and cold day.  BIG change from a nice and warm yesterday.  $18.



Wasco County Fairgrounds CG.  2 mi W of Tygh Valley, OR on Fairgrounds Rd.  1200 ft.  

Other Festival Campers
Empty Festival Stage
A Hazy Mt Hood
Nice Tygh Valley View

Here for the small, but fun, Tygh Valley Bluegrass Festival.  Not any nationally known acts, but some quite good regional ones.  I'd come again.

Small World Story:  Got to chatting with a local guy and found he also graduated from the Univ. of Arkansas - a year after I did!  Traded a few "do you remember" stories.  Jammed with him and his friends and had a great time.



Shelton Wayside CG (County).  About 10 mi SE of Fossil, OR on hwy 19.  3400 ft.  

Little Town Down There
John Day River #1
John Day River #2 
Am I in OR or AZ? 

A unique CG.  In a small canyon with the sites strung out along a long dirt road.  Sites are primitive with grass area for parking, old wooden picnic table and fire ring.  Can't see many (if any) other sites from a given site.  Hwy is only about 100 yards away, but has minimal traffic and is about 30 ft above the campsites.  Worth the $10.



Magone Lake CG (USFS)  W from Prairie City, OR on US26 for 3+ miles, then right on CR18 for 12 mi then left on (paved, but narrom) Forest Road for about 3 miles.  Watch signs for turns. 5000 ft.  

Old Way & New Way 
Magone Lake
Fall Colors
Nature's Sculpture

Very nice CG with16 paved sites and 3 walk-in tent sites.  By the small (50 acre) Magone Lake.  Sites in the CG interior get a lot of shade.  I'm on the edge, with less.  1.5 mile trail around the lake.  I made it the full way for this one, since it was level.  Felt good to sit down and rest afterwards, though.  :)  $13.

Earlier in the day I visited the very nice Dewitt Museum in an old railroad depot in Prairie City.  Full of interesting "stuff".



Strawberry CG (USFS).  11 mi S of Prairie City, OR on Bridge St, which becomes gravel FS road.  Note: Last 2 miles are somewhat steep and very narrow and curvy with not may pullouts.  5800 ft.  

Strawberry Mountains
Strawberry Creek
Trail to Lake
CG View

CG is in a beautiful setting on the edge of the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.  Has 12 dirt sites that are very "bumpy" from roots and rocks.  Not easy to find a place to park an RV (which needs to be a small one;  i.e. truck camper size).  New vault toilets.  Pretty, small creek alongside.  In the boonies at the end of the road, so very peaceful at night.  1.4 mile trail to a lake starts at the CG.  $8.

I decided to hike to the lake, but gave up after about 1/2 mile.  Too much uphill for my old feet and legs.



Middle Fork CG (USFS).  About 17 mi NE of Prairie City, OR on US26 and hwy 7, then 6+ miles NW on CR20.  3800 ft.  

Within CG
River View #1
River View #2
Sumpter Dredge

10 dirt sites on level land in tall, tall trees.  Plenty of shade.  Between the hwy and the very pretty Middle Fork John Day River.  Minimal traffic on hwy.  Nearby small 5 site CG I stopped at first was filled with hunters.  Been some at the last 4 CGs.  $8

On the way here I visited the Sumpter Dredge State Park in Sumpter, OR.



North Fork John Day CG (USFS).  25 mi N of Sumpter, OR on hwy 220 (aka CR24 & FR 73).  5200 ft.

Beautiful Hilltop OR View
Recovering Forest
John Day River by CG
Horses Camp Too

13 gravel sites, plus some walk-in tent sites and horse camps, on level land.  Lots of medium sized trees, but some sites get a lot of sun.  Next to the currently low water North Fork John Day River (designated Wild & Scenic, but not very wild now).  Yikes, got down to 26F at night!  Where are the extra blankets?  $8.

My driving the last 2 days was on the beautiful Blue Mountain Scenic Byway (FR 053).  It's an excellent paved road with little traffic  Take it, you'll like it!.



Drift Fence CG (USFS).  9 mi SE of Ukiah, OR on paved FR 052 (Blue Mtn Scenic Hwy).  4500 ft.

Oregon Rural Beauty #1
Oregon Rural Beauty #2
CG Adjacent Meadow
I Think They're Bears!

Primitive CG with about 5 dirt sites and old style smelly outhouse  Alongside a  hwy with little traffic.  Most sites in a grove of tall trees.  I'm in the back in an nice open area.  Can't see or hear anyone else, so it's almost like boondocking.  Nice meadow of dried grass on the perimeter of the CG.  Small group of cows wandering around add to the ambiance.  The price is the same as boondocking - $0.



Lane Creek CG (USFS).  10 mi NE of Ukiah, OR on hwy 244.  3900 ft.  

Campground View
View N of Ukiah, OR

7 gravel sites, well apart among plenty of tall trees.  Even though just off the hwy, there's minimal traffic.  At first I'm the only one here, then a couple of other sites fill.  It's bow hunting season, so at least I won't have to dodge bullets..  Another small FS CG about a mile East.  $8



Wildhorse Casino Parking Lot.  About 7 mi SE of Pendleton, OR off I84.  1400 ft.  

This is a first for Ramblin' Ralph!  Never "parking lot camped" before (WalMart, etc.).  Was pressed for time after doing my laundry in Walla Walla, WA and no USFS sites were nearby.  Tried to get a space in their RV park, but it was full (Pendleton Rodeo).  They said I could just camp in the lot.  I did so, with quite few others.  Worked out OK, since I' m not hooked on gambling. :)  $0



Chief Timothy CG.  9 mi W of Clarkston, WA on US12.  700 ft.  

CG Cabins
Snake River

I'm on an island in the Snake River!  Very nice CG with 66 paved sites (some with hookups).  Lots of trees and grass.  Small cabins for rent, also.  I'm the only one in the no hookup section, so it's very private, but no river view.  A bit of hwy noise from US12 across the river.  Entrance sign says Corps of Engineers, but the private company running the park says no Golden Age discount!  $22 (w/o hookups).



Canyon Creek CG (COE).  11 mi N of Orofino, ID on Dworshak Reservoir.  Via curvy and sometimes steep roads (GPS suggested for first timers).  Road starts as paved and then becomes gravel.  Last 0.5 mi one lane.  Tedious driving.  Take your time.  1600 ft.  

Clearwater Rvr (Mdl Fk)
Lake View
Lake Sunset

17 relatively primitive sites overlooking a cove of the lake.  Not all sites are RV suitable.  Sites are well shaded by tall trees.  I'm the only one here, so absolute quiet at night.  Back to low elevation, where the night low was only 59F (vs low 30s or lower for the last week).  $0? (no pay station found)

Had planned to investigate the campgrounds and fishing on the Clearwater River North Fork for a few days.  However, too much smoke from forest fires for me.  I'll put it off until another visit to this area and head west hoping for clearer skies..



White Sand CG (USFS) 67 mi NE of Lowell, ID on US12, then 1 mi S on good dirt road.  3500 ft.

Lolo Summitt History
Lochsa River #1
Lochsa River #2
My Messy Backyard

Nice secluded 7 site CG on the Lochsa River.  Dirt sites.  Small stocked fishing pond beside CG.  Nice and peaceful here.  Lots of trees have been cut down (why?) and the wood left for your campfire.  Bummer, didn't get the primo site #1 where I was in 2009.  Still $8.

Stopped at the very interesting Forest Service Visitor Center at the top of Lolo Pass.  Free coffee, hot chocolate and WiFi (donations accepted).



Lolo Creek CG (USFS).  15 mi W of Lolo, MT on US12.  3800 ft.  

Lolo Creek

Very nice CG with 20 paved sites in tall trees and lots of bushy vegetation.  Excellent privacy between sites on same side of road.  Small Lolo Creek between CG and hwy.  Lots of hwy truck noise during the day.  Was here also in 2009.  Still $10.

The trip down from Missoula to Lolo was very smoky.  Luckily, it cleared up quite a bit before reaching the campground.

Last camping in Montana for this year.  I'll miss it!



A motel in Helena, MT.  What??  Say it ain't so Ramblin' Ralph.

[Sorry. No picture of my motel room]

Lewis&Clark Slept Here
Nice Rug
Music Festival #1
Music Festival #2

Spent the afternoon at a neat small music festival in the small town of Boulder, MT.  Heard some good music of the type I like (country/folk/blues).  Only problem is that afterwards I stopped at 3 different USFS campgrounds late in the afternoon and all were CLOSED!  It was almost dark and I had no choice but to "motel it" (I'm not the Wally World type).  First time in 6 years of ramblin'.  

There was an upside.  I got a looooong shower and a nice walking tour of old downtown Helena.  There are some beautiful multi-story buildings built in the late 1800s.  Moral: Make lemonade out of lemons.



Red Mountain CG (BLM).  16 mi N of Ennis, MT on US287 then 8 mi E on hwy 84.  4500 ft.  

Campground View
Madison Rvr Nearby
Ain't Montana Pretty?

Well above the average BLM campground.  17 gravel sites on level land, well apart.  Several sites along the Madison River.  No shade, except for the "move your chair frequently" type from small trees.  Dispersed (aka boondocking) camping across the river.  Horseshot pit.  $8.



Moose Creek Flat CG (USFS).  56 mi N of West Yellowstone, MT on US191.  5800 ft.  

Gallatin River in CG
Looking for Food?

13 gravel sites on level land alongside the pretty Gallatin River.  No shade, but the sun rises late and sets early due to the canyon setting.  Considerable hwy noise during the day, but partially masked by the river music.  Didn't fish the river, but would be an easy one to wade.  $14.



Madison CG (Yellowstone National Park).  14 mi E of West Yellowstone, MT on US191.  6800 ft.  

Thar She Blows!
Stormy Sky
Pretty But Hot
Thermal Basin
YNP Grand Canyon
Hot Meets Cold
Colorful Stuff

Very large CG with 292 paved sites in 8 loops.  On level land with plenty of pine trees for moderate shade.  You'll be close to your neighbor, but also have flush toilets.  Got here around 1:30 p.m. and snagged 2 nights w/o a reservation.  CG filled later.  $22 (w/tax).

Took the 100 mile lower loop drive and refreshed my memory of The Park after being here 5 years ago.  Lots of pretty and interesting things to see!  Surprised that the only large animals I saw were buffalo.  Did get to see Old Faithful do its thing twice (2nd time it lasted much longer).



Varney Bridge CG (MT Fishing Access).  9 mi S of Ennis, MT on US287, then 4 mi W on Varney Rd.  5100 ft.   

Montana View
Bridge at Sunset
Madison River

At least 7 primitive sites on the bank of the famous-for-fishing Madison River.  Very quiet at night, but expect some boat trailers passing beside you after you get up.  Shade varies with site and time of day.  $12



Had a great 2 week stay at my cousin's in Dillon, MT for lots of visiting and fishing.  Now I'm back on the road for about a month while returning to California (via "not-the-shortest route").  Thanks for following my travels.

 [Some Montana pics]
Serene Montana Scene
Ted's Buffaloes
Beautiful Sunset
Me on the Big Mo River
Big Hole River
Nice Barn and View
Raft Trip - Big Hole River
Dillon Rodeo #1
Dillon Rodeo #2
Dillon Rodeo #3

Had an incredible day of fly fishing on the Missouri River in a boat with a guide.  My cousin and I caught (and released) a bunch of rainbow trout, most of them in the 16 to 20 inch size range.  What fun!  Here's a picture of one of them.



May Creek (USFS).  17 mi W of Wisdom, MT on hwy 43.  6400 ft.

[oops forgot campsite pic]

Look - A Bear!
ID Bitterroot Mountains
Smokey Sunset

21 dirt sites on level land.  Plenty of shade.  Get in back sites for less hwy noise.  $7



Cottonwood CG (BLM).  16 mi N of Challis, ID on US93.  4700 ft.  

Salmon River on High
Salmon River @ CG

Probably the nicest BLM CG you'll find.  14 paved sites nestled in cottonwood trees on level land.  Beautiful location beside the Salmon River (many sites right by it).  Some hwy noise, but CG is below the level of the hwy which reduces it.  Was here in 2008, also.  Still $10.



Boondocking site (USFS).  Not a developed campground.  14 mi NE of Stanley, ID on hwy 75, then 7 mi N on Yankee Fork Rd.  6200 ft.  

Old Gold Dredge
Your Relatives?
Yankee Fork River

In a meadow alongside the Yankee Fork River.  Visited the Bonaza and Custer City mining ghost towns up the road a ways.  Met 2 nice college guys from Boise State who gave me a tip to some good fishing downstream.  Caught several (mostly small) the next day.  $0.



Morman Bend CG (USFS).  7 mi NE of Stanley, ID on hwy 75.  6100 ft.  

Salmon River @ CG
Salmon Rvr Downstream

Nice CG with 17 paved sites on level land.  Gravel tent pads.  Downsides: Right along a busy hwy and very little shade.  Upside: Very easy access to the Salmon River for fishing.  Caught a couple of very small ones on a flyrod.  $13.



North Shore CG (USFS) on Alturas Lake.  21 mi S of Stanley, ID on hwy 75, then 4 mi W on Alturas Lake Rd.  7100 ft.  

Sawtooth Mountains
Alturas Lake #1
Alturas Lake #2

15 dirt sites on sloping land.  Beside a large and very pretty lake.  Sites nearest the lake have the most shade.  Some sites not level.  Low of 29F at night.  Brrrr.  $15.



Boondocking site (USFS).  Not a developed campground.  8 mi NW of Ketchum, ID on hwy 75, then 2 mi N on Fork Rd.  6300 ft.  

Didn't Try It
Wood River
Pretty Flowers

Great spot in a meadow beside the small, musical Wood River.  No shade, but got here late in the afternoon and the sun dropped behind the mountain soon.  Five nights in a row @ $0!


8/15/11 -

Boondocking site (USFS).  Not a developed campground.  31 mi NE of Mountain Home, ID on US20, then 22 mi N on paved FR61 (past Anderson Ranch Reservoir).  4400 ft.

Anderson Ranch Resv.
S Fork Boise River

Canyon site located on  a narrow strip between the road and a  beautiful stream (S Fork Boise River).  Moderate shade from pine trees.   Some noise during day from adjacent road.  Only 3 or 4 other campers here.  Liked it so well, I decided to stay 2 nights.  Why not @ $0?



Antelope Reservoir CG (BLM). 12 mi SE of Jordan Valley, OR, then 1 mi S on marked dirt road.  4300 ft.  

Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Eastern OR View

Primitive camping on a large reservoir.  I'm in 1 of only 3 sites I saw with a picnic table.  I read that "dispersed camping" (i.e., where you want) allowed elsewhere.  Pit toilet nearby.  I had the whole place to myself.  Very peaceful at night.  My planned stop didn't work out, but this alternate was fine.  Another @ $0.



Water Canyon CG (BLM).  About 5 mi SE of Winnemucca, NV via Water Canyon Rd.  5700 ft.

CG Road
CG Creek
Bovine Visitors

A welcome sight after a day's drive through the NV desert - trees and running water!  Unique CG in a small canyon.  Dead-end dirt road runs into the canyon and primitive sites are sporadically  located between it and a small creek.  Not sure how many sites, but guessing 10 or so.  Vehicles going by frequently in either direction during the weekend day.  The price is right @ $0.



Lakeside CG (USFS). Exit 188B from  I80 in Truckee, CA and go about 4 mi N then E on Prosser Recreation Area road for 1+ miles. 5700 ft.  

Lake View #1
LakeView #2
CG View
Look - Ballons!

40 minimally improved sites by the medium sized Prosser Creek Reservoir.  Park on the rocks and  dirt by your fire ring and picnic table.  Scattered trees, so you might not have shade.  Was full when I arrived, but they have overflow sites that are no different, except for no fire ring or table.  Ramblin' Ralph doesn't care!  Some sites closed due to high water level.  Was also here in 2006. $17.



After returning to home base for a medical appointment, I'm back on the road heading for Montana.  Won't be back to CA until early October, so there should be plenty of campsite entries.  Check out my travels last year here.





Henry W. Coe State Park CG.  13 mi NE of US101 in Morgan Hill, CA on E Dunne Rd.  Last 10 mi very curvy.  Last 5 mi very narrow (not 2 full lanes).  2600 ft.  

Big Old Oak Tree
Some Tent Sites
Great View

20 sites, with about 1/3 tent only, on very hilly terrain.  Some paved sites are narrow and short.  Dense trees and vegetation outside of CG, but minimal shade in most sites.  Great views of surrounding mountains and valleys.  Tedious drive for last 10 mi to get here.  $20.



Buckhorn CG (COE).  On Black Butte Lake.  12 mi W of I5 near Orland, CA on County Rd 200, then 1 mi S on lake road.  500 ft.

Lake View From Site

63 paved sites in scattered oak trees in five separate areas .  Lake view from most sites.  Back to low elevation and no pine trees.  Bummer.  Oh well, had a nice lake view from my site.  $18.



Algoma CG (USFS).  14 mi E of McCloud, CA on hwy 89, then 1 mi S on unmarked, paved road.  3800 ft.  

McCloud River
Campground Deer
Mt. Shasta

A minimally developed CG with 7 dirt "sites" in 3 separate areas.   Leveling blocks may be needed.  Picnic tables, fire rings and old style pit toilet.  Alongside the small (at this location) McCloud River.  Caught 2 six inch rainbows with my fly rod.  Uncle says "no charge". $0  



Northshore CG (Util Co.).  On Lake Britton.  From intersection of hwy 89/299 W of Burney, CA go 10 mi N on hwy 89.  Left on Clark Creek Rd for 1 mile, then left on lake road for 1 mi.  Note: Lake road is somewhat steep, curvy and narrow.  2700 ft.

Burney Falls #1
Burney Falls #2

30 paved sites on hilly terrain.  Pines and oak trees.  Lake can be reached with short walk.  $22 (no Sr. discount).

Visited the very impressive Burney Falls the next day.



Hat Creek CG (USFS).  12 mi N of Lassen National Park N Entrance on hwy 89.  4400 ft.  

Hat Creek in CG
Hat Crk @ PwrHse2

60 paved sites on level land.  Minimal shade in several sites.  Alongside the beautiful Hat Creek.  Three other close by USFS CGs are also alongside the creek, but noisy from being close to the hwy.  Here you can get further away from the hwy for minimal noise.  Was here in 2006.  $16.



Manzanita Lake CG in Lassen Volcanic National Park (CA).  46 mi E of Redding, CA on hwy 44 then 89.  5900 ft.  

Lassen Peak
Flowering Stump
Manzanita Lake

179 paved sites in 4 loops with lots of shade.  Camper's store within walking distance.  Plenty of empty sites when I arrived.  $18.  



Battle Creek CG (USFS).  30 mi Wof Chester, CA on hwy 36.  4800 ft.  

Barn & Snowy Mountains
Bubbling Mud
Lassen Peak
Still a Lotta Snow

38 paved sites, well apart.  CG alongside the hwy, but the back section is quiet.   Handy to S entrance to Lassen National Park.  Was also here in 2006.  $16.

Visited Lassen National Park, via S Entrance.  Road closed about 7 miles in due to snow.



Gurnsey Creek CG (USFS).  15 mi W of Chester, CA on hwy 36.  4800 ft.  

Solar Cook-Off #1
Solar Cook-Off #2
Music Area
Let's Cool Off

30 paved sites, well apart, on level land in dense, tall pines.  Very shady.  Right alongside a fairly busy hwy, so some related noise.  Handy to S entrance to Lassen National Park.  $14.

On the way here, I spent the afternoon at the "Solar Cook-Off" in Taylorsville, CA.  Went mostly because of the music, but it was a little to "heavy duty" for me.  Lots of people having fun, though.



Snake Lake CG (USFS).  5 mi W of Quincy, CA on Bucks Lake Rd then 2.5 mi N on paved Forest Rd.  4000 ft.  

Snake Lake

7 dirt/pine needle sites (more like "areas") spaced way apart on a small lake (which should be called Lily Pad Lake).  Dense, tall trees for lots of shade.  Level land.  A gift from Uncle Sam @ $0.



Boondocking site (USFS).  Not a developed campground.  About 17 mi S of E. Quincy, CA on Forest Rd 120 (aka Quincy-La Porte Rd).  6500 ft.  
Note: Most of the road from hwy 70 to here is very curvy and at times very steep.  Take your time. 

Nearby Snow
Nearby View
Mdl Fork Feather Rvr

A clearing just off the road.  Quite a view down into the valley with a short walk.  Hardly any cars go by, so close to the road is not a problem.  Nice and cool due to high elevation.  Even have a cell and Net connection from up this high.  Whoopee!  Worth every penny at $0.  



Wyandotte CG (USFS).  On Little Grass Valley Reservoir, About 33 mi S of E. Quincy, CA on Forest Rd 120 (aka Quincy-La Porte Rd) and lake roads.  5200 ft.  
Note: Most of the road from hwy 70 to the lake is very curvy and at times very steep.  Take your time.

- In Nearby La Porte -
First Brick Bldg (1856)
1870 Headstone
Wagon Road Plaque

29 paved sites in 2 loops.  On a point of land sticking out into the lake, but about 150 ft above the lake.  No easy walking down to the lake from the CG, but glimpes of it through the trees.  I'm the only one in my loop.  A couple of others in the 2nd loop.  $22.


Happy Birthday USA! 

Boondocking site (USFS).  Not a developed campground.  17 mi NE of Taylorsville, CA on Forest Road 172 (towards Antelope Lake).  4600 ft.

Indian Creek
Fire Damage

Nice level spot under big trees for much needed shade.  Alongside the small Indian Creek (that flows out of Antelope Lake).  Nice and quiet, which is welcome after 4 days in a busy, busy campground.  Caught two whopper 5" brown trout with my fly rod.  $0.



Long Point CG (USFS).  On Antelope Lake, 24 mi NE of Taylorsville, CA on Forest Road 172.  5000 ft.

Backroad Beauty #1
Backroad Beauty #2
Antelope Lake

Lakeside CG with 38 paved sites, well apart on slightly sloped land.  Some shade during day in most sites.  Full for the Fourth of July weekend with several large groups.  Lots of people in/on the lake to escape the hot afternoon temperatures.  Nice drive on "in the boonies" forest roads from Portola to get here.  $23.



Spring Creek CG (USFS).  On Frenchman Lake, about 9 mi N of Chilcoot, CA on hwy 284.  5600 ft.  

Frenchman Lake
Placid Lake View
White Pelican Cruising

Lakeside CG with 35 paved sites on very sloped land.  Nice view of the lake from all sites.  Plenty of tall pines.  Fishing is good according to one fellow with a boat I talked to.  $21.



Lightning Tree CG (USFS).  On Lake Davis, about 12 mi N of Portola, CA via hwy 126 or 112.  5800 ft.  

Inside Campground
A Collage of Nature
Meadow and Lake

40 paved sites spread out over a large area of level land for a nice "open" feel.  Plenty of tall trees, but little underbrush.  Half the sites are "doubles" with 2X fee.  Not a lakeside CG, but lake is visible.  Note: Other lake 2 CGs were closed for refurb.  $20.



Sundew CG (USFS).  17 mi W of Quincy, CA on Bucks Lake Rd then 4 mi N on road along W side of lake.  Go past dam and Lower Bucks Lake CG sign before turn right to CG.  5400 ft.  

Pretty Bucks Lake
Lake View from Site
Morning Rain

Lakeside CG with 19 paved sites, well apart, on very sloped land.  Entry to many sites is steep.  Great view of the pretty Bucks Lake from most sites.  Lots of rain the morning I left.  $23 & $25.



Queen Lily CG (USFS).  27 mi NW of Quincy, CA on hwy 70, then 2.5 mi N on paved Caribou Rd.  2500 ft.  

Wanna Swim?
On the Way #1
On the Way #2

Nice small CG on the very fast flowing N Fork Feather River.  11 paved sites on level land, well apart and with good shade in most sites.  Road from hwy 70 is less than 2 lanes most of the way.  $23.



Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, 3+ mi N of Santa Cruz, CA on Graham Hill Rd.  650 ft.  

On a Hike #1
On a Hike #2
On a Hike #3

Very nice CG with 98 sites on mostly level terrain in 4 loops.  Good privacy due to site spacing and heavy foliage.  Lots of shade from tall oak and pine trees.  Redwood grove 45 minute hike (per park brochure).  I took a shorter hike around the CG perimeter.  $35.



Lake Nacimiento Rocky Canyon CG (County).  16 mi NW of Paso Robles, CA on Nacimiento Lake Dr.  800 ft.  

Lake View
Spanish Moss in CA?

12 paved sites on very hilly terrain.  CG road too steep and narrow for RVs much larger than me.  Lots of live oak trees for shade.  Lake cove about 50 ft below my site.  I'm the only one here, so nice and quiet.  90+ degrees when I arrived in late afternoon.  Flush toilets.  Five other CGs around lake, with many, many sites.  $30.



Lake San Antonio North Shore CG (County).  20 mi N of Paso Robles, CA on US101, then 12 mi (total) NW on Jolon Rd and S on New Pleyto Rd.  750 ft.  

Lake View
Hills View

Where I was, on the lake shoreline, it was boondock style camping, with no designated sites.  Portable toilets and dumpsters, though.  Nice lake in the rolling hills of brown grass.  Just a few trees, so very little shade.  Didn't need it on this mild temperature day, however.  I got my own private peninsula on the lake for the night.  Perfect spot to watch the speed boats go by and very quiet at night.  $30 (with free dump station).  Hookup sites available.



Medeiros State Rec Area CG near Los Banos, CA.  3 mi W of I5/hwy 152 jct off 152.  230 ft.

O'Neill Forebay
2nd Campsite View

Primitive sites with ramadas on level land.  Some shade, depending on site.  On O'Neill Forebay (I had to look up the word, do you?) near San Luis Reservoir.  Nice and quiet before Memorial Day hoopla.  Here in 2006, also.  $15.



Los Alamos CG (Dept Water), off I5 8 mi S of Gorman, CA.  Take Smokey Bear Rd exit.   2800 ft.

Campground View
Pyramid Lake
Good Fish Bait?

93 sites in 3 loops on sloping land.  No or little shade in sites.  Flush toilets.  Pyramid Lake nearby.  Few here 2 days before holiday weekend, so very quiet at night.  $20.  Note: Got the USFS Golden Age discount here 5 years ago, but not now. Water Dept (county/state ??) in now charge of CG.  Hmmm, wonder if this will happen more often to get out of giving the discount?



Doheny State Beach CG in Dana Point, CA.  40 ft.

Calm Ocean
Life's a Beach

My usual campground when visiting Orange County.  100+ sites.  Very popular.  Some campsites right on the sand (if you want to pay $60).  I'm the next row back to save $25 (6+ gal of gas).  $35.



Steckel Park CG (County), 5 mi N of Santa Paula, CA on Ojai Rd.  700 ft.

Santa Paula River
Nearby Hills

My frequent stop to and from SoCal.  40+ sites between the hwy and a large river bed.  8 or so with hookups and concrete pads.  Quite a few large trees.  I'm in the cheaper, no hookup section, with dirt sites.  Santa Paula River a short walk.  $22.


5/5/11 -

 Parkfield, CA ("The Earthquake Capitol of the World") for the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival..  NE of Paso Robles, CA in farming country.  About 15 mi off of CA41/46 or  25 mi off US101, via San Miguel.  1500 ft.  

Spiffy Outhouse
Music Stage
Earthquake Invitation 

 My 2nd time at this great mid-sized bluegrass festival.  Try it, you'll like it.  Very nice weather for most of the weekend.  Lots of good music by national, regional and local acts.  Even got to watch some steer roping at a small rodeo on the same site.  If you visit, be sure and have a hamburger at the local cafe.  Yum!

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