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2006 GMC 2500HD w/2001 Lance 845

Previous years' travels: 2006 2007 2008  2009
2010 2011 2012(Alaska) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018          

                    States Visited Map     
                 (plus BC/AB/YT in Canada)

 I bought my new truck and used camper in late October of 2005.  The following May, I "hit the road" full-time for 6 months.  I've done the same every year since, and now 2019 will be my 14th year of ramblin'!  My how time flies.  Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are.  I don't make entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds or when I stay with my kids or friends.  Campsite fees are for one night with no discount (and no hookups, unless specified). However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50% off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks. One of the few ways (in addition to retirement) it pays to get older.  All the aches and pains sure aren't fun. :)

I started my travels this year with about 125K miles on my camper and 187K miles on my truck.  I took my camper to the Lance factory before my 2014 travels and had some structural repairs done to it (pics here and here).  It should be in good shape for several more years of travel.  Of course, my old body will probably wear out before the camper. :)

Note: Click on small photos for a larger one.  Click on the USA flag-map () to see the actual camp location (balloon marker) on a map (+/- 50 ft). 


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Ramblin' 2019 is over. :(  Thanks for traveling along with me again!  Ramblin' 2020 will start next May (the old body willing).

Stats for 2019 are:

  •  5990 miles (my first under 9,000 mi in 14 years). Many less miles due to late start and more nights in a campground.  14 year total about 131K mi.
  •  110 nights camping (including 20 boondocking, but excluding in driveways, etc.) in 67 different campsites.  31 nights @ $0/night.
  •  $6.92 average campsite fee, with discount, and $11.84 without.  Free campsites (boondocking, etc.) included in average cost.
  •   5,990 miles, 10.8 mpg, $3.64/gal average fill-up (gasoline), $2.72 min, $4.89 max.

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Selby CG (BLM) in Carrizo Plain National Monument.  43 mi E of Santa Margarita, CA on hwy 58, then 16 mi SE on Soda Lake Rd, then 4.5 mi S on marked dirt road.  2500 ft.  

Last campsite of Ramblin' 2019! :(

View From Site
CG From Higher
The Way In & Out
Surrounding Hills
From The Old Days
Nearby Soda Lake
Hey, That's Me

12 primitive sites in the foothills overlooking the valley.  Each site has a picnic table with a shade structure (the only shade you'll get) and firepit. Vault toilet.  Very secluded and peaceful.  $0 (w/donation box)

3rd time here. Nice weather in the low 70s.  Chatted some with a nice guy who retired and is starting to travel like me, but with a tent.

Tried another nearby CG on Sat, but it was too crowded.  So, back to this nice place.



Same CG as 5/31/19:  Upper Sweetwater CG (BLM).

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Typical Site

Liked it here so much at the start of Ramblin' 2019 that I returned for the end of it.  Got the same site as last time.  Only one other here.  Very peaceful. Got a bit nippy at night, though, at 30F! Brrrr.



Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park.  In Gilroy, CA  200 ft.   

Within CG
Nice Sunset

[Pics from last year]

Very nice commercial RV park with 170+ paved sites.  Most RVers here appear to be "extended stay" folks, but the park does have short stay spots.  All the usual amenities: showers, laundry, pool, etc.  Close to large shopping centers with stores and eating places.  Some hwy noise from nearby US101.  $55 (back-in with full hookups).

3rd time here.  Don't usually stay in this type of CG, but it's what worked into my schedule best.



More visiting with my kids. Now on the way home.





Same CG as 6/10/19: Westside Regional  Park CG (County) in Bodega Bay, CA.

Bay View #1
Bay View #2
Bay View #3
Local Flora
On The Way Here

After visiting my son and family, I decided to get back to some camping for a couple of nights (while they work).

Temperature here was a very unusual 80F back in June, but the more usual low 60s this time.



Sandy Beach CG (County).  About 2 mi S of hwy 12 at Rio Vista, CA.  30 ft.   

Within CG
Sacramento Rvr #1
Sacramento Rvr #2
Day Use Area
Wind Turbine Sunset

Nice CG with about 40 paved sites on level land, in 2 loops.  All sites are pull-thru, parallel to the road.  Shade varies a lot with site.  Large  lawn area in middle of  loops.  The wide Sacramento River is a short walk away and visible from some sites.  Nice day use area by the river.  Flush toilets and showers. Free-if-camping dump station.  Launch ramp.  $35 (w/water & elec); $20 if 65+ geezer (a real good deal, especially w/water & elec).

4th time here.  Unusual reserved site designation method here.  On Sunday they put cones on all sites reserved anytime during the coming week.  When  you arrive  you are expected to check the reservation board (at the sometimes unmanned entrance station) or ask the CG host to see if a site is really reserved for the day you arrive. Hmmm. Doesn't work too good for first-time-there campers.



Acorn CG (COE) on New Hogan Lake.  3 mi SE of Valley Springs, CA.  700 ft.   

Within CG
View From Site
Nearby Lake View
Needs More Rain
On The Way Here

About 130 paved sites on hilly land (1/2 closed this late in the season).  Many live oak trees for scattered shade.  Nice view of the lake from many sites.  Flush toilets, sinks and showers.  Free-to-campers dump station - but no desiginated RV water fill faucets anywhere (boo).  $20 (must pay via Recreation.gov via phone or Internet for open sites!).

I had a nice hilltop site with a great view and nobody real near me.  After the weekenders left, the CG was very peaceful.



Fraser Flat CG (USFS).  25 mi NE of Sonora, CA on Hwy 108, then 3 mi N on paved Fraser Flat Rd.  4700 ft.   

Note: Fraser Flat Rd drops about 1000 ft from the hwy, but is only moderately steep.

Within CG
CG River #1
CG River #2
CG River #3
CG Fishing Pier
CG Turkey

Very nice CG with 39 paved sites in 2 loops on level ground. Plenty of tall, conifer type trees for shade.  Some sites have very significant shade and others plenty of sun.  Stanislaus River (S Fk) alongside CG, with fishing pier.  Well off the hwy for peace and quiet, but there was some light traffic on the adjacent road.  Vault toilets.  $19.

3rd time here.  Low of 28F!   Brrrr. Someone told me that several diseased trees were cut down a couple of years ago from the loop I was in.



Manzanita CG (BOR) on New Melones Lake.  About 8 mi W of Sonora, CA on CA49, then 2 mi W on Reynolds Ferry Rd..  1100 ft.  

View From Site
Site Again
Deer Visitors
Sunset Time
Low Lake Spot
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

About 60 paved sites on hilly land.  Your picnic table might be well above or below your parking spot.  Lake is down some, but not nearly as low as a few years back.  There are some sites that would be under water when the lake is full!  Flush toilets, sinks and showers (some areas have vault toilets). Launch ramp close by.   Fee dump station (was closed).  $22.

Had a primo, lakeview site, so I stayed an extra night.  Wildlife visitors included deer and quail.  Had planned on staying at nearby Acorn CG, but it was closed for the season.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground. From Yosemite NP Big Oak Flat entrance, go about 3 mi E on CA120, then left on Golden Arrow Rd, then right on Hardin Flat Rd for 1+ mi.  3900 ft.  

Bye bye Eastern Sierra!  Thanks for the beautiful weather.  Had a great time! :)

My Backyard
Storm Coming?
Sunset Time
Yosemite Scenery
Yosemite Wait Line
Tioga Pass Road

Not too much going for it, except it's free.  I'm backed into an open spot beside an "in the boonies" paved road. There was a better spot early on, but it was taken by 3 large rigs.  A bit of daytime traffic on the road, but none at night.  Not sure where they were going.  I drove about 1/2 mile past my spot and didn't see anything of interest.  This area was the site of big fire several years ago.  $0.

Glad to find this spot, however, since my first choice USFS CG nearby was filled for the weekend.  Low of 29F!

Glad to get through Yosemite and all the curves and trafffic!



Lower Lee Vining CG (USFS).  About 3 mi W of US395 on Tioga Pass Rd in the Lee Vining, CA area. 7300 ft.  

Within CG
Leaving CG
Nearby Mono Lake

Nearby June Lake 

50+ dirt sites (some tent only) on level land.  Sites generally close together.  Laid out somewhat randomly, w/o organized loops like many CGs.  Trees predomiately tall pines and aspens.  One section has very shady sites, due to a thick grove of tall pines.  Nice creek along one side, but only a few tent sites are on it.  Pit toilets, except 1 vault at front section.  $14.

4th time here.  



Silver Lake CG (USFS).  About 5 mi W of June Lake, CA on hwy 158.  7100 ft.  

View From CG #1
View From CG #2
CG Lake
Just Visiting

60+ paved sites in 2 loops on level land.  Very widely separated sites.  S loop is near the lake, while the N loop is near a creek (outflow of lake). Can't see either lake or creek from sites, due to trees/bushes.  Essentially no shade in N loop.  S loop has some sites somewhat shaded by tall bushes.  No shade isn't that big of a deal this time of year with mild temperatures. The fantastic view of the Sierras more than makes up for it.  You can always bring shade, but you can't bring views.  :) Flush toilets and pay showers.  $23.

4th time here.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground. From  the June Lake, CA loop road (S end) junction with US395 go 7+ mi SE, then 1/2 mi NE on Owens River Rd, then 1/4 mi N on unmarked dirt road (map says 02s214).  7500 ft.  

My Backyard
The Road In
Nearby View #1
Nearby View #2

Nice, good size clearing in the tall pines and easy to get to.  Only about 1/4 mi off a paved road via a one lane dirt road. US395 is about 1/2 mi away, but only trucks produce a bit of a hum.  Had it all to myself.  Other spots in this general area.  The usual boondocking fee of $0.

4th time here.  This is becoming one of my favorite boondocking spots, especially if no one is nearby.  Feels like I have my own "little cabin in the woods" here. :)



Convict Lake CG (USFS).  34 mi NW of Bishop, CA on US395 then 2 mi SW on Convict Lake Rd.  7600 ft  

View From Site
Convict Lake
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2
On The Way Here #3

85 paved sites on sloping land.  Small Convict Creek alongside CG.  Beautiful Convict Lake, surrounded by tall peaks, at CG entrance.  Many sites full sun.  Creekside sites have more shade. Vault toilets.  $27.

4th time here.  Low of 33F.  The beautiful sunny weather continues!! :)



Big Meadow CG (USFS).  23+ mi NW of Bishop, CA on US395 then 4.5 mi SW on Rock Creek Rd.  8600 ft.  

Highest CG this year!!

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2
View From CG
Just Stocked

Nice, small CG with 11 dirt sites on level land. Most nestled in the pines near small Rock Creek. Tall mountain with steep face beyond the creek. Very pretty creek about 30 ft from my back door adds to the "all nature" backdoor view.  Bathroom has flush toilets and sinks.  $27.

3rd time here.  3 empty sites, but was full last time I tried it.  Fish stocking truck came the morning I left and put a bunch near me (see pic).



Tuttle Creek CG (BLM).  5 mi SW of Lone Pine, CA via Whitney Portal Rd & Horseshoe Meadow Rd.  5100 ft.  

Backdoor View
Sunset Time
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
Mountains & Clouds 
Mt. Whitney

 80+ dirt sites, well apart, on sloping ground. Zippo significant shade.  Beautiful view of the Eastern Sierra mountains and the Owens Valley.  Very small creek in CG, but sometimes stocked with trout.  Just several miles away from the highest point in the lower 48 - Mt. Whitney, 14,494 ft. (see last pic).  Vault toilets. $5 dump station and $8/nite.

6th time here.  Nice weather and not too hot.  I really enjoy the open feeling here, where you can see miles and miles.



Boondocking site (BLM).  Not a developed campground.  In the Alabama Hills area a few miles W of Lone Pine, CA, off Whitney Portal Rd. 4700 ft.  

Other Campers
Area Scenery #1
Area Scenery #2
Area Scenery #3
Area Scenery #4
Area Scenery #5
Area Scenery #6
Sunset Time

A very large area with dirt roads throughout.  Very interesting rock formations close by and the majestic Eastern Sierras in the distance.  Mt. Whitney visible from some locations, but not mine. Sites are usually beside the dirt roads, so you might get someone driving by every now and then. However, absolute quiet at night.  $0.

6th time here and in the same spot as last time, in Sept, 2017.  A bit windy the day I arrived, but the next was perfect - low 70s  and just a light breeze. Ahh, this is what ramblin' is all about! :)

This area was the site of many, many movies, especially old cowboy ones.  In the middle of the night I awoke to the sound of a galloping horse and the shout of "Hi Ho Silver".  Could it have been the ghost of ...... naw. :)



Bitterbrush CG (USFS).  About 12 mi SW of Bishop, CA on Line St (aka CA168).  6800 ft.  

Within CG
View From CG
CG Creek
Nearby Scenery #1
Nearby Scenery #2
Nearby Scenery #3
Nearby Scenery #4
Lake Sabrina
South Lake

Nice CG with 30 gravel sites on level land, well apart.  Bring your own shade.  Small creek along one side of CG. Beautiful views of the Sierras. Lots of fishing spots (lake and creek) in this area, along with other FS CGs.  Very nice and helpful CG hostess.  Vault toilets.  $25.

3rd time here.  Took a drive to visit some of my favorite nearby spots (see Nearby Scenery  and Lake pics).  Last year on Oct 1 there were fall colors up higher, but none this year, 2 weeks earlier.



Brown's Town Campground (Commercial).  In Bishop, CA.  4100 ft.  

First CG in California in over 2 months!  Great to be back in my favorite part - the beautiful Eastern Sierra!! :)

Within CG
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Nice place with 150 sites  (RV and tent) on gravel or grass.  Sites close together.  About 70 with water and electric. Mature trees in grass sites. One row of sites has a golf course behind them. Small store and basic menu cafe.  Pay showers.  Dump station $5.  $28 (no water/elec).

2nd time here.  Don't normally stay in RV parks, but needed to do some things in Bishop.  Worked out fine.



Miller's Rest Stop (State).  13 mi NW of Tonopah, NV on US6.  4800 ft.  

View From CG #1
View From CG #2

Large paved and gravel area for several RVs (no commercial trucks allowed).  A few picnic tables under small trees.  Time limit 18 hours.  Rest room, dump station and fresh water. Only downside is the noisy, (less at night) very nearby & busy US6.  $0.

My first time at a rest area overnight.  Usually the short time limit would require me to get up much too early. :)  Stayed here because I'd already driven as many miles as I wanted and next real CG was 100+ miles.



Bob Scott CG (USFS) 6 mi SE of Austin, NV on US50 ("The Loneliest Road in America").  7100 ft.  

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
View From CG
On The Way Here

10 paved sites (1 for groups) on sloping land. Many sites not level,  Lots of small trees, including pinyon pines. Very convenient to US50 travelers, but also results in some primarily daytime noise. Not really that busy of a hwy, though.  Flush toilet.  $10.

Fifth time here and last time was on the same date 2 years ago! :)



Mill Creek CG (BLM).  About 20 mi S of Battle Mountain, NV on NV305 and then 4 mi SE on gravel road.  5200 ft.   

Within CG
CG Creek
CG Sunset

10 gravel sites on level ground. Sites in a line along a small creek.  Sites well equipped with picnic table, fire ring, stove stand, lantern hanger and trash receptacle.  A few large trees, but shade is generally "not much".  Well off the hwy for peace and quiet.  Vault toilet.  $0.

Only 2 others here.  A fellow camper told me the CG was destroyed by fire 2 years ago and that it used to be very scenic with much more vegetation.



Thomas Canyon CG (USFS).  Go about 20 mi SE of Elko, NV on NV227 then 8 mi on FR660.  In the Lamoille Canyon of the Ruby Mountains.  7500 ft.

Within CG
CG Creek
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
CG Sunset
At End Of Canyon #1
At End Of Canyon #2
At End Of Canyon #3
At End Of Canyon #4
At End Of Canyon #5
Nearing The CG

40 paved sites on mostly level land in 3 loops.  Lots of aspens.  Nice creek flows through CG, making music.  Good privacy and some shade in most sites.  Absolutely spectacular scenery 360 degrees all around.  If you think Nevada is all desert, you're wrong!  Lots of hiking trails in the area. Vault toilets.  $18.

I highly recommend visiting this area, even if not camping.  It's beautiful!  Be sure to drive about 5 more miles past the CG to the end of Lamoille Canyon Road for more beauty.

3rd time here. I got a primo site with the creek behind me!  A fire last year damaged a lot of the vegetation on the canyon walls, but, fortunately, didn't affect the CG.



Angel Creek CG (USFS).   8 mi SW of Wells, NV on paved NV 231 and paved side road.  6800 ft.  

View From CG #1
View From CG #2
View From CG #3
View From CG #4
CG Picnic Area
Angel Lake #1
Angel Lake #2
Road To Lake #1
Road To Lake #2

Nice secluded CG with 18 paved, mostly level sites in 2 loops on sloping land.  Sites in groves of aspen trees, but some very short.  Shade varies with site.  Gravel tent pads in most sites.  Nice views from here. Very peaceful at night. Four more miles to Angel Lake and another FS CG @ 8500 ft.  $16.

3rd time here.  Low of 34F.  Great views on the road to Angel Lake.  It's a steep and curvy road, but worth it.



Twin Falls County Fairgrounds CG.  Near Twin Falls, ID.  3700 ft.  

Snake River Canyon

180 grass sites with electric and water.  Very close together.  Some sites have a bit of shade.  Very nice bathroom bldg with 8 separate rooms, each with flush toilet, sink and shower.  Separate dry camping area. Slight hwy noise at night.  A very good deal at $21 ($11 dry camping) .

Only about 6 others there when I was.  Very different for the fair, I'm sure. :)



Craters of the Moon National Monument CG.   85 mi W of Idaho Falls, ID on US20. 5800 ft.  

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Stormy Clouds #1
Stormy Clouds #2
Ant Hill
Crater Loop Drive #1
Crater Loop Drive #2
Crater Loop Drive #3
Crater Loop Drive #4

About the most bizzare CG environment you'll find! A geologist's heaven.  51 gravel sites, usually close together, among volcanic spewings.  Almost no shade.  Slight noise from nearby US20.  Low of 38F. $15.

I arrived about 4 p.m. on a Sunday and it looked like the place might be full.  What?? Fortunately, I found a spot, but it did fill overnight.

I drove the 7 mi loop road when I left the next morning. Lots of unique scenery.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  Off I15 near Spencer, ID.  6300 ft.  

CG Creek
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
View Near CG
Fall Is Comng
Tenting Or RVing?

Very nice boondocking spot, with plenty of shade from tall spruce/firs and space for many rigs. Convenient to I15 travelers with only minimal sounds from it.  More spots on up the road.  Very small creek.  Some ATV activity with the usual noise.  The usual boondocking fee of $0.

Heavy rain the afternoon I arrived.  Made so much noise on my aluminum roof that I couldn't snooze!

Last time I was here was in 2017 for the big eclipse!!



Deadwood Gulch CG (BLM). 6+ mi SW of Dell, MT on Big Sheep Creek Rd.  6300 ft.  s

CG View
That's Me Below
Late Day Clouds #1
Late Day Clouds #2
Yeller Flowers
Near CG
On The Way Here

Very small, primitive CG in an open field.  About 4 obvious sites with picnic tables and firerings, but plenty of room for other places to camp.  Beautiful views of the Montana mountains.  Small creek alongside CG.  You can hear its music when near it.  Nearby dirt road has minimal traffic.  Vault toilet. $0.

Found this place when on a daytrip with my cousin to this canyon.  Glad I tried it out.



Price Creek CG (USFS).  9+ mi N of Polaris, MT on the Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway.  7800 ft.  

Within CG
Byway Scenery #1
Byway Scenery #2
Byway Scenery #3
Byway Scenery #4
Byway Scenery #5

Very nice CG with 21 paved, well developed sites on level land, plus a group site.  In a dense stand of tall pines, for potential shade and better site privacy.  Just off the beautiful Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway.  Vault toilets. $8.

Sure glad I took the byway.  Beautiful drive!!



East Bank CG (BLM). 8 mi W of Wise River, MT on hwy 43.  5700 ft.  

My Backyard
CG River #1
CG River #2
Across The River
Not Very Deep

About 9 gravel sites on level land alongside the beautiful Big Hole River.  Front of CG alongside a daytime low traffic hwy.  Back sites have less noise. Scattered shade.  Boat launch ramp and day use area adjacent to CG.  One of my favorite views in MT from here (see river pic #1). Boondocking across the river. Vault toilet.  No trash svc. $0.

4th time here cause I like it!.  



As usual, had a great time at my cousin's in Dillon, MT. But, like Willy, I need to be "On the road again". :)

Montana Sunset #1
Montana Sunset #2
Montana Scenery #1
Montana Scenery #2
Montana Oldtimer #1
Montana Oldtimer #2
Montana River

Caught a nice 19" brown trout (and a few others) on a float trip with my cousin.

Took a couple of sightseeing drives to see the beautiful Montana scenery.



Mill Creek CG (USFS).  7 mi E of Sheridan, MT on paved then gravel Mill Creek Rd.  6500 ft.  

Within CG
Bugs Got It
View From CG
On The Way Up 

Nice remote CG in a canyon with about 10 dirt sites.  CG has a moderate stand of fir/spruce and is on slightly sloping land.  Some sites get a lot of sun. Namesake creek not visible from CG.  Several large boulders around.  Minimal traffic road alongside leads to another couple of CGs (per map).  Vault toilets.  A deal from Uncle at $0.



Ruby Creek CG (BLM).  18+ mi S of Ennis, MT on US287, then 3 mi S on Johnny Ridge Rd and Ruby Creek Rd (mostly paved).  5500 ft.  

CG River
Getting Ready
One Of Many
Late Day Colors
Hey Liltle Feller
On The Way Out #1
On The Way Out #2
On The Way Out #3

22 gravel sites, in 2 loops on level land.  Sites well apart.  Bring your own shade.  Alongside the famous-for-fishing Madison River.  Nice views of surrounding mountains.  Very quiet.  Saw many boats floating by and several caught fish while I watched!  Boat launch. Vault toilets.  $12.

2nd time here.  Very peaceful and not many other sites occupied.  Windy until evening.



Palisades CG (BLM).  25+ mi S of Ennis, MT on US287, then 1 mi W on paved, then gravel, road.  5600 ft.   

Within CG
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
CG River
River Cliffs
He Has One!
Bear Alert

11 well developed gravel sites, far apart, on level land.  Bring your own shade, cause zippo here. Most sites very close to the famous Madison River.  Far enough from hwy for almost no noise.  "Buffalo Jump" type cliffs across river.  Lots of fishing boats floating by.  Vault toilets.  $12.

3rd time here.  Very windy when I left.



Riverview CG (USFS).  34+ mi S of Ennis, MT on US287, then dirt road to CG.  6300 ft.  

Note: 1/4 mi dirt road up to CG is narrow.

Within CG
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
View From CG #3
Madison River
CG Flora #1
CG Flora #2

Nice CG with 21 gravel sites on level land around a very  long, oval loop.  All sites across the road from the center of the loop.  Not much shade, unless you camp at the base of a small hill for early sundown.  Great views of MT mountains.  The E edge of the CG has a nice view of the famous Madison River.  Still lots of wildflowers, even though it's Aug.  Only 3 others here both nights. Two other smaller FS CGs at same hwy exit  Vault toilets.  $15.

Even though I've camped in this area before, I never checked out this CG.  Liked it so much I stayed a 2nd night.



Beaver Creek CG (USFS).  From West Yellowstone, MT, go 8 mi N on hwy 191 and 17 mi W on hwy 287.  6400 ft.  


Within CG #1
Within CG #2
CG Wildflowers #1
CG Wildflowers #2
Quake Lake
Quake Lake Cause

65 gravel/dirt sites in 3 loops, on hilly land. Loops so far apart that they feel like separate CGs (and have separate pay stations).  Lots of tall conifers for shade in many sites.  RVs will need leveling blocks in some sites.  Near Quake Lake, Hebgen Lake & Madison River.  Vault toilets.  $20.

3rd time here.  Only about 4 other sites occupied in my loop (A) of 27 sites.

After leaving,  I stopped at the USFS Earthquake Lake Visitor Center.  A gigantic quake in 1959 caused the mountain side to collapse (see pic) and dam up the Madison River, causing Quake Lake to form.  See here for info.



Lonesomehurst CG (USFS).  7 mi W of West Yellowstone, MT on US20, then 3.5 N on Denny Creek Rd (paved, except for last mile with washboard gravel).  6700 ft.  

Howdy Montana, I made it again!

CG Lake #1
CG Lake #2
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

27 gravel sites, rather close together, on level land. Sparse or no trees at many sites.  On an arm of the beautiful Hebgen Lake.  About 10 sites are "lakeside", some with a spectacular view of the lake (didn't get one).  Moderate skeeter problem.  Vault toilets. Low of 37F.  $20.

4th time here.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  About 1/2 mi S of the Island Park Reservoir Dam in Idaho.  6200 ft.   

(Note: Don't use GPS for finding road.  Take the paved Island Park Dam Rd from US20 and get off just before the dam.  The boat launch site is to the right, but go straight ahead on the narrow dirt road for 200 yards, or so for this site).

Within CG
Henrys Fork River #1
Henrys Fork River #2
Buffalo River #1
Buffalo River #2
Island Park Dam
Trying To Catch One

Great boondocking site, not far from a paved road. On a bluff about 50 feet above the Henry Fork River.  The Buffalo River, which flows into the Henry Fork just downstream, is only about 100 yards away.  You can easily walk to the boat launch upstream and watch the activity.  Slight hum from dam equipment, sometimes.  $0.

Found this site in 2010.  3rd time here.



Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  On the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway, N of Upper Mesa Falls, take dirt Warm River Rd E.  Go about 7 mi NE and look for road to CG on right.  No CG sign. However, at the "Y" about 2-1/2 mi from hwy, there is a sign.  6000 ft. 

Note: Last half of road is a bit narrow at times with few pullover opportunities, but several big rigs were there when I was..

Within CG
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2
Upper Mesa Falls
Lower Mesa Falls
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

A mix of pine groves and open areas on level land.  Plenty of room.  There were several other RVs here, but I could barely see any.  I'm right by the pretty little creek and its music.  Some ATV activity and target shooting.  The usual boondocking fee of $0.

This is actually an ex-campground (Pole Bridge). Only some wooden picnic tables left.  Also, some bear proof lockers, which I don't think were here the last time.

2nd time here and on the exact same date 3 years ago!  Stopped by the very impressive Mesa Falls for a repeat visit.



Mike Harris CG (USFS).  Almost 4 mi SE of Victor, ID on ID33 then 1/2 mi on CG road..  6600 ft. 

Within CG
Big Crow

Nice CG with 27 gravel sites on sloping land.  Around 1/2 of the sites are new as of this year.  Plenty of tall lodgepole pines for shade, although some of  the new sites (which I was in) have less shade.  Moderate daytime hwy noise.  $12.



Gros Ventre CG (Grand Teton NP).  7 mi N of Jackson, WY on US89, then  5 mi NE on Gros Ventre Rd.  6600 ft. 

Within CG
GTNP Scenery #1
GTNP Scenery #2
Start Of Snake River
Downstream Fm Dam
Snake River Oxbow

Mega CG with 360 sites in many loops.  One loop is tents only and another is no-generators. The gravel sites are well apart in sagebrush and cottonwood trees.  Site shade varies widely.  Gros Ventre River nearby.  Tip: Pronounce it "Grow Vant", so they think you're a local.  Free-to-campers dump station.  $30.

Did some exploring of the Park today and went by my favorite photo op location: Snake River Oxbow (see pic).

2nd time here.  My last night in the GTNP area.  I really enjoyed my return visit!  What scenery!! :)



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  About 26 mi N of Jackson, WY on US89, then about 2+ mi E on dirt Spread Creek Rd (NF-30290).  7000 ft.  

 Note: The boondocking area starts just beyond the large gravel pit.

My Own Waterfall
Within CG
Spread Creek #1
Spread Creek #2
On The Way Out

 A FS designated boondocking area (Spread Creek) with 13 sites along a dirt road.  Some sites may accommodate more than one vehicle (didn't check them all).  I stayed at #7, which was a very nice one right by the creek, and its nice music.  A map showing the sites is here.  This is my favorite boondocking spot so far this year! $0.

Very unusual creek and aptly named.  The gravel creek bed is about 100 yards wide with (this time of year) several narrow streams of running water.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  25 mi N of Jackson, WY on US89, then about 1 mi S on dirt NF-30310.  6900 ft.  

Note: Turn off US89 across from Cunningham Cabin.

View From Site
View Near Site
Road In/Out
Hi Ho Silver
Teton Sunset

A FS designated boondocking area (Toppings Lake) with 27 sites along a road going up a mountain.  Some sites accommodate more than one vehicle.  I stayed at the first one I came to (#2), which had a nice view.  Room enough for several rigs here.  A map showing the sites is here. $0'

This was a better boondocking area than the one last night.  Individual sites aren't signed, so you have some flexibility on where to camp.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  19+ mi N of Jackson, WY on US89, Antelope Flats Loop Rd and Shadow Mountain Rd.  6800 ft.  

View From Site
View Zoomed In
View At Entrance
View Near Hwy
Wish It Was Mine

A boondocking area,  with 15 FS designated dirt sites, at the base of Shadow Mountain. Some sites very close together.  A few porta-potties, but not near all sites.   Nice view of the Tetons.  $0.

Came to this spot because of fantastics photos I'd seen on the Net of the Tetons from here.  However, for the best you need to drive up on the mountain about 1/2 mi.  I tried it and quit when I found a turnaround.  Very lumpy road!!  I was rockin' and rolliin'.  Lots of stuff on the floor when I came down.  So, I camped at the base of the mountain with plenty of others.  I got a site with a nice view of the Tetons.  However, had someone right next to me (like in a regular CG) that kept me from getting to sleep.  They weren't particulary loud, but so close I couldn't help but hear them.  Yawn!

Really enjoying the fantastics scenery of  the Teton area.  That's why I came again. :)



Station Creek CG (USFS).  11 mi NE of Alpine Junction, WY on US26(89).  5900 ft.  

River Rafters
After Leaving
On The Way Here

16 gravel sites on slightly sloping land.  Between a very busy hwy and the beautiful Snake River (50 ft. down).  Sites well apart with good privacy.  Lots of tall pine and fir trees.  Daytime hwy noise is substantial, but quiet at night.  $15

2nd time here.



Palisades Creek CG (USFS).  7+ mi SE of Swan Valley, ID on US26, then 2+ mi NE on good gravel Palisades Creek Rd.  5300 ft.   

CG Site Equipment
CG Creek
Near Trailhead
Creek Trail
On The Way Here
On The Way Out

Really nice, small CG.  In a canyon and well away from the hwy.  8 gravel sites (incl. 1 for host and 2 doubles) on level land, with a small creek alongside.  Well developed sites, with sand tent pads, metal mesh picnic tables, fire pit and BBQ stand.  At the end of the road, so very quiet at night.  Large parking area for horse trailers near CG.  Several hiking trails in the area, with a trailhead for the very popular creek trail a few hundred yards from CG.  $12.

3rd time here, cuz I like it!  :)



Snake River RV Park.  In Idaho Falls, ID.  4700 ft. 

Within CG
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Very nice commercial RV park with 100+ sites. Has all the amenities like pool, laundry, showers, playground, propane, dump station, wifi, etc. $39 w/water+elec.

Don't usually stay in RV parks, but needed to do some domestic things in Idaho Falls.



Little Wood River CG (BOR).  10 mi N of Carey, ID on (paved, then dirt) Little Wood Reservoir Rd.  5300 ft. 

View From CG #1
View From CG #2
CG Reservoir #1
CG Reservoir #2
Poor Guy
On The Way Here
On The Way Out

Nice remote CG with about 14 gravel sites on level land, in a prairie grass and sagebrush setting   Most sites have grass in the picnic table area.  Alongside a 2.5 mi long reservoir.  About 5 sites overlook the water.  Some leafy trees, but no significant shade for sites and some have none.  However, there is a very nice, large picnic area with plenty of trees for shade and grass.  Very peaceful here.  The lowest price you can find at $0.

2nd time here.



Murdock CG (USFS).  About 8 mi N of Ketchum, ID on ID75, then 1+ mi N on North Folk Rd.  6400 ft. 

Within CG
CG Stream #1
CG Stream #2
CG Wildflowers
CG Meadow
On The Way Here
Leaving Stanley
Sheep (Last Visit)

Nice remote CG with 11 gravel sites on level land in a canyon.  A mix of pines,firs/spruces and aspens in the CG.  Hillsides on either side of the CG are loaded with trees.  Pretty meadow at one end of the CG.  Nice stream, a fork of the Wood River, across the road.  Very quiet here, since well off the hwy.  Vault toilet.  $16.

2nd time here.  Last time the meadow filled up with sheep!



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground.  About 7 mi NW of Stanley, ID via ID21 and Stanley Lake Rd.  6500 ft.  

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Within CG #3
Near Stanley #1
Near Stanley #2
Near Stanley #3
Stanley Lake

Found this place in 2017.  Very popular boondocking spot on flat land, just off the road to Stanley Lake. Got a nice spot w/o any close-by neigbbors, although several visible.  Got some shade, but needed to move my chair every now and then.  My solar panel was happy here.  Not perfectly quiet, due to ATVers going by now and then.  However, most of them left by Sunday evening (yay!).  Several other smaller boondocking areas along the lake road.  Daytime highs in the low to mid 80s and a low one night of 33F.  $0.

Got plenty of time to get to my cousin's in MT, so I stayed 4 nights.  Let's  see, 4 X $0 is still $0. :)



Helende CG (USFS).  9 mi E of Lowman, ID on ID21.  4200 ft.   

Within CG
Looks Like Fun #1
Looks Like Fun #2
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2
After Leaving CG

Nice CG with 10 paved sites, well apart, on level land.  Plenty of tall trees.  Daytime adjacent hwy noise is minimal.  Road to nearby Payette River from CG.  Vault toilets.  $12.

I got a nice private site with nearby sites not occupied.  A lot of my travel today was by the beautiful Payette River.



Montour CG (BOR). 9 mi W of Horseshoe Bend, ID on ID52, then 2+ mi S on Montour Rd. 2500 ft.

Within CG
Field Of ????
On The Way Out
On The Way Here

Very nice CG in the middle of farming country.  16 paved sites on level land with grassy areas between them.  Tent camping on dedicated grassy area.  A good number of large trees for possible shade.  Very peaceful here, but road alongside CG has minor daytime traffic.  Payette River nearby. Vault toilet.  Dump station ($3).  $8 ($3 tents).

2nd time here.  Only 3 other sites occupied.



Farewell Bend State Park CG.  About 25 mi N of Ontario, OR on I84.  2100 ft.

My Backyard
Sunset On The Snake

90+ paved sites frequently close together, on level land.  In addition, about 30 tents sites.  On the Snake River, but not visible from many sites.  Plenty of talll trees for possibility of shade.  Train track across the river produces infrequent noise.  Flush toilets and showers.  Free-to-campers dump station.  $26 (w/water+elec), $18 w/o.

Had  to do my laundry in Baker City in early afternoon.  100F when I arrived  here about 5:30 p.m.  Made the mistake of not getting a motel in Ontario (which I did 2 years ago) and trying to tough it out w/o a/c.  At 9:30 inside of my camper was still in mid 80s.  In the morning it was 76, which is what I  like it when I turn in normally.  



North Fork John Day CG (USFS).  25 mi N of Sumpter, OR on hwy 220 (aka CR24 & FR 73).  5200 ft.

My Backyard
Within CG
CG River #1
CG River #2
CG Wildflowers
Start of Trail
On The Way Here 

Very nice CG with 13 long gravel sites, plus some walk-in tent sites and a group site, on level land.  Lots of medium sized trees, but some sites get a lot of sun.  Next to the very clear North Fork John Day River (designated Wild & Scenic).  Trail into the wilderness starts at CG.  Alongside a paved FS road, but hardly any traffic.  $8.

4th time here.  One of my favorite CGs!  Low of 29F.  Really enjoyed talking to the CG host while there.



Dixie CG (USFS).  9+ mi NE of Prairie City, OR on US26.  5200 ft.

Note: Look for CG turn sign just E of the summit.  My GPS did not show the dirt road to the CG at that point.

Within CG
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2
On The Way Here #3
From The Cockpit

10 gravel sites on sloping land.  At least one site works well  for a big rig.  Tall trees and heavy lower vegetation all around.  Very slight daytime noise from US26.  FS info sheet says huckleberry picking in the area.  Picnic area adjacent to CG. No trash service.  Vault toilet. $8.



Idlewild CG (USFS).   17 mi N of Burns, OR on US395.  5200 ft.

Note: New entry  road from US395 since the last time I was there.  Old road blocked off.

My Backyard
Within CG
Day Use Pavilion
CG Meadow

26 paved sites on 2 levels.  Both back-in and pull-thru sites, but many back-in ones are short and on a slope.  A nice meadow is between US395 and the lower level sites. Some daytime truck noise from US395.  Upper level is farther away from hwy.  Plenty of trees, but lower level sites appear to have more consistent shade.  Large pavilion for day use on the lower level.  No trash service.  $10.

2nd time here.  Got a very large dirt site that would fit at least 3 of my rigs.  Party time!! :)



Chickahominy Reservoir CG (BLM).  About 34 mi W of Burns, OR on US20.  4300 ft.  

View From CG
Reservoir #1
Reservoir #2
CG Sunset
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2 

Nice CG with about 35 gravel sites on level land, spread out over a very large area.  Most sites are pull-thru type.  Typical BLM CG with no shade.  Large reservoir beside CG with launch ramp.  Trucks passing on nearby US20 result in minimal noise and it's masked out by any wind in the CG.  You can see for miles from here 360 degrees!  Vault toilets.  $8.

Started the day driving with tree covered mountains on either side and ended up in desert land!  All this within about 100 mi!



Goose Lake CG (State).  14 mi S of Lakeview, OR on US395, then 1+ mi W on State Line Ln.  4700 ft.  

Hello Oregon.  Good to be here again this year!  :)

Grassy Area
Within CG
View From CG
Goose Lake

Very nice CG with 48 gravel sites on level land. Plenty of large trees for shade.  Sites are around an oval grass area and also the other side of the road around the oval.  No lake view, but a trail to it, or you can drive to the nearby day use area to see it. Very quiet place.  Hard to believe, but hosts said the place hardly ever fills!   Flush toilets and showers.  Free-to-campers dump station.  $17 (w/water) or $24 (w/water & elec).

State Line Lane leading to CG is CA on S side and OR on N side. :)



Ramhorn Springs CG (BLM).  60 mi S of Alturas, CA on hwy 395, then 2.5 mi E on Ramhorn Rd (good gravel road with a just a bit of washboarding).  5100 ft.  

Within CG
Cloud Scenery
Teeny Creek
My Site Again
Built By Who?
Hmmm What Is It??
Flowers Seek Water
CG Spring
Heading Out

Nice little 10 site CG.  Dirt/gravel sites close together. Very little shade.  However, very secluded and peaceful, so you'll get a good night's sleep.  Looks like CG was just refurbed with new vault toilet.  $0 (or donation box).

3rd time here.  I was the only one here until one other arrived late the first night and left the next morning.   On Friday afternoon, 3 other sites got occupied by people on ATVs.  Talked to one and he was scouting for the hunting season later in the year.  Had a nice shady site, so I stayed a 3rd night!



Laufman CG (USFS).  3+ mi SE of Milford, CA on mostly paved Milford Grade Rd.  Last 3/4 mi is bumpy dirt/gravel.  5000 ft.

Note: Small rigs best here.

My Backyard
Within CG
CG Scenery
On The Way Out

Primitive CG with about 6 dirt sites with picnic table and fire pit (or ring).  Very secluded for peace and quiet.  A mix of conifer, aspen and other leafy trees or bushes surround sites.  Many sites at the base of a steep wooded slope.  Very convenient  to US395 travelers.  Clean vault toilet.  A freebie from Uncle at $0.

Thought I was going to have it all to myself, but 2 passenger cars pulled in later.  Dern free campsites info on the Net. :)



Davis Creek Park CG (County). 11 mi N of Carson City, NV off US395.  5000 ft.  

Within CG
Lake View

Very nice CG in tall pines.  Plenty of shade.  63 paved sites, on a hillside, with several "arc" pull-thru sites. Looks down on hwy 395 and Washoe Lake.  Hwy produces a bit of "hum" noise, but hardly noticeable inside camper or if there is wind in the pines.  Due to sloping ground, RVs might need leveling blocks. Flush toilets and showers.  $5 dump station.  $25.

3rd time here.



Same boondocking area as 6/23/19, but a different spot.

CG Stream #1
CG Stream #2
CG Stream #3
Mountain Scenery #1
Mountain Scenery #2
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Couldn't pass up another stay at one of my favorite boondooking spots!  :)  People already here said it was packed on the 4th.  Didn't have any problem finding a good spot, however.  Low 29F.



Happy Birthday USA!

PiPi CG (USFS). 11 mi NE of Pioneer, CA on Hwy 88 then 6 mi N on Omo Ranch Rd and North-South Rd (#6), both paved, but curvy.  3600 ft.  

Backdoor View
CG River #1
CG River #2
CG River #3
CG River Plants
Big Tree Down
Count The Rings?
CG Flowers #1
CG Flowers #2
CG Rocks 

Very nice CG with 51 paved sites, usually well apart, in a heavy stand of conifer type trees (some 100+ ft tall).  Sites in 3 loops and alongside the interior road.  Plenty of shade.  The small and scenic Cosumnes River (Middle Fork) alongside CG.  Very quiet here at night.  Popular 1/2 mile walking path (paved or boardwalk) along river. $24.

Several trees down due to the wet and windy winter.

2nd time here.  I accidently ended up in the same site as last time (according to my GPS).  It was a very isolated and peaceful one.  



Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  South of Lake Tahoe, CA in the Hope Valley area.  2.5 mi SW of the hwy 88/89 jct and 4.5 mi S of hwy 88 on Blue Lakes Rd.  7500 ft. 

(Note: GPS might not find proper entry road)


View From CG #1
View From CG #2
View From CG #3
View From CG #4
View From CG #5
CG Wildflowers
On The Way Here

Popular boondocking area spread out over about 3/4 mile alongside Blue Lakes Rd.  Spots for both small and large rigs.  Views of creek/meadow/mountains vary with site.  Creek size Carson River (West Fork) nearby. $0.

Great site!  Low of 30F.  Bummer my schedule didn't allow another night.  My 6th time in this area.  I like it here!! :)



Robinson Creek CG (USFS).  9 mi SW of Bridgeport, CA on Twin Lakes Rd.  7000 ft. 

Creek View #1
Creek View #2
Lake View #1
Lake View #2
Near CG Entrance
Nearby Area View #1
Nearby Area View #2

Very popular CG with 54 paved sites in tall pines on level land.  Shade varies significantly with site. The very nice Robinson Creek wraps around the CG.  Usually good fishing, if they have stocked recently.  Many sites on the creek.  My favorite Sierra CG. Several other CGs and two large lakes nearby.  $23.

Had a great time camping with my daughter and son and family.  This was my 43rd straight year to camp in this area.   Reserved site was flooded by high creek.  Alternate site assigned to us.  Low of 32F.



Westside Regional  Park CG (County) in Bodega Bay, CA.  30 ft.    

Within CG
Bay View #1
Bay View #2
Bay View #3
Bay View #4
Bay View #5
Nearby Coast View #1
Nearby Coast View #2

47 paved and level sites in 5 rows.  Trees between some of the rows for possible shade.  Back-in and pull-thru sites.  Right beside beautiful Bodega Bay with benches to watch the boat activity.   Foghorn every 5 seconds during night, but you'll get used to it. :)  Launch ramp with parking adjacent to CG.  Flush toilets & showers.  Pay dump station. $35.

Enjoyed it here, but would have more if my neighbor didn't leave his generator on for hours. :(

Above 80F when I arrived on Monday and low 60s when I left Friday.



Visiting my kids in the SF Bay area for few days.  





Pinnacles National Park CG.  29 mi S of Hollister, CA on curvy-at-times CA25, then 2 mi SW on CA146.  1000 `

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
[From 2017 Visit]
The Pinnacles
Same, Zoomed In
Nearby Countryside #1
Nearby Countryside #2

120 gravel sites (incl 37 w/elec) on level land.  Also 14 group sites. Several really big oak trees and other smaller trees and bushes. Saw some quail and rabbits near my site.  Lots of hiking trails nearby (easy and hard).  Swimming pool.  Flush toilets & showers.  Free dump station.. $30 (no electric). Park entry fee also required

5th time here. CG fee was $23 in 2017. High of about 90F the afternoon I was there.  97F predicted the day I left!



Upper Sweetwater CG (BLM).  From King City, CA go 15 mi NW on First St, then 2 mi N on Airline Hwy, then about 12 mi SW on Coalinga Rd (potholed at times). 2800 ft.   

Finally on the road for long term!  Takes me longer every year. Would have been sooner if I didn't have to replace my camper water pump.  :)

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Within CG #3
On The Way Here #1
On The Way Here #2

Very nice secluded CG with 6 gravel, well separated sites on hilly land.  Well developed sites with shade shelter and metal picnic table on concrete pad.  Fire ring nearby.  Tree shade depends on site.  Very peaceful here, with only sporadic traffic on adjacent road.  Hiking trails nearby.  Vault toilet.  $0.

Thanks to a follower of mine for telling me about this place!  Had originally planned on 2 nights, but I liked it so much here, I stayed an extra one! :) Light rain first two afternoons.



Parkfield, CA ("The Earthquake Capitol of the World") for the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival.  NE of Paso Robles, CA in farming country.  About 15 mi off of CA41/46 or  25 mi off US101, via San Miguel.  1500 ft.  

Yay, my first stop for 2019!!

Other Campers #1
Other Campers #2
My Backyard
Stage Area
Very Good Youngsters
Great Burgers Here!
No Shaking Though 

My 7th time at this great mid-sized bluegrass festival.  Try it, you'll like it.  Out in peaceful ranching land.  Weather very nice  Lots of good music by national, regional and local acts.  I was really impressed with the Slocan Ramblers from Canada.  Very high energy act!  Seems to be more campers and listeners every year.  My daughter joined me for the festival, which made it even more enjoyable.

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