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2006 GMC 2500HD w/2001 Lance 845

Previous years' travels: 2006 2007 2008  2009
2010 2011 2012(Alaska) 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019         

                    States Visited Map     
                 (plus BC/AB/YT in Canada)


 I bought my new truck and used camper in late October of 2005.  The following May, I "hit the road" full-time for 6 months.  I've done the same every year since, and now 2020 will be my 15th year of ramblin'!  My how time flies.  Not all of my nights are spent camping, but most are.  I don't make entries that are repeats of previous campgrounds or when I stay with my kids or friends.  Campsite fees are for one night with no discount (and no hookups, unless specified). However, being the old geezer that I am, I get 50% off at U.S. Guvmint CGs with the valuable Golden Age card, plus free entry to National Parks. One of the few ways (in addition to retirement) it pays to get older.  All the aches and pains sure aren't fun. :)

I started my travels this year with about 132K miles on my camper and 196K miles on my truck.  I took my camper to the Lance factory before my 2014 travels and had some structural repairs done to it (pics here and here).  It should be in good shape for several more years of travel.  Of course, my old body will probably wear out before the camper. :)

Note: Click on small photos for a larger one.  Click on the USA flag-map () to see the actual camp location (balloon marker) on a map (+/- 50 ft). 


Ref #



Campsite & Other Photos (click links)




Ramblin' 2020 was late starting this year because of the virus flap. :(  Hope to get at least 3 or 4 months in this year (vs. usual 5 or 6).  I did get a short winter trip in before the "stay at home" order came out (see bottom area).

This year's stats:

  • 4045 miles (lowest in 15 years). Many less miles due to pandemic.  15 year total about 136K mi.
  •  68 nights camping (including 37 boondocking, but excluding in driveways, etc.) in 25 different campsites.  37 nights @ $0/night.
  •  $8.93 average campsite fee, with discount, and $11.72 without.  Free campsites (boondocking, etc.) included in average cost.

Last year's Ramblin' 2019 can be seen here.

Sign my guest book or email me with any questions or comments.  Stay safe and healthy!






Camping Videos
GMC Hits 200K Miles
Campground Critter
Boondocking #1
Boondocking #2
Bunch Of Sheep
Quartzsite Trip

Local Videos
Day At The Bay
Christmas Walk 
A Hilltop View

Had hoped to get some local camping in before the end of the year, but you can see that never happened.  At the left are some short ( 1 minute or less) camping and winter-home videos that might be of interest.  

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.  Let's hope it's a LOT better than 2020. :)



Back at my winter home after a disappointing Ramblin' 2020.


Between pandemic precautions, fires, smoke and USFS closing camping where I was, Ramblin' 2020 was pretty much a bust! :(  Hopefully next year will be "more normal".

Will try to get several days of  local camping in during October to salvage some of 2020.  Stay tuned.



Same Gilroy RV park as 7/16/20.


It was around 98F when I arrived about 4 p.m.  Sure glad it cooled down to around 75F by 8 p.m.



Visiting my kids in the SF Bay area.


Wow, is it smoky here!  Started to get better on 9/14, though.

Had a nice time bouncing back and forth between my son's place and my daughter's.  I'm lucky they are only 40 miles apart. :)



Same USFS boondocking spot as 8/4/20.  

Slink Fire #1
Slink Fire #2

Was so smoky at last site I wanted to escape it.  Much better here at first,  but the next day things started to get worse.  But what really made me decide to move was an outside low of 26F at night and an inside low of 35F inside my camper in the morning.  Call me a wimp, that's OK.  :)  Turned out that I wouldn't have been able to stay much longer, since USFS closed this NF to camping on 9/10!

On  the way  here I saw the smoke cloud from another fire; the "Slink" fire.  Fortunately, it hadn't closed the roads to get here.



Same CG as 8/24 & 6/19/20. Robinson Creek CG (USFS).  9 mi SW of Bridgeport, CA on Twin Lakes Rd.  7000 ft. 

Smoky Sky #1
Smoky Sky #2
Smoky Horses

Back to my fav E Sierra CG after Inyo NF shuts down camping.  This is Toiyabe NF, so the shutdown doesn't apply here.  Good thing it was only 50 mi from last site.  Lucked out and found an open site in the N loop, which is primarily first-come.  Hardly any left, though.  I heard that a lot of people were coming to this area from now closed Inyo CGs.

Quite smoky here from the large Creek fire to the S.



Boondocking site (USFS)  Not a developed campground. From  the June Lake, CA loop road (S end) junction with US395 go 7+ mi SE, then 1/2 mi NE on Owens River Rd, then 1/4 mi N on unmarked dirt road (map says 02s214).  7500 ft.  

My Backyard
Road In/Out
Smoky Sky

Nice, good size clearing in the tall pines and easy to get to.  Only about 1/4 mi off a paved road via a one lane dirt road. US395 is about 1/2 mi away, but only trucks produce a bit of a hum.  Other spots in this general area.  The usual boondocking fee of $0.

My 5th time here. It was Labor Day weekend, so the site I usually come to was already occupied.  Guess they didn't know I had it reserved. :)  Went down the road another 50 yards and found another good one.  By Sunday several others had camped near me, but no "party animals".  Biggest problem was frequent dirt-bike/ATV/dirt-buggy traffic back and forth on the adjacent dirt road.  Starting late Friday it got quite smoky from the Creek Fire on the W side of the Sierra.  I had an Internet connection, but at times it was very slow.  I think the holiday crowd overloaded the local cell tower.

By Monday a.m. things weren't as busy and I decided to stay another night.  However, a faithful follower of my ramblin' sent me an email that said Inyo NF was closed to camping at 5 p.m. that day!  I decided I didn't want someone waking me up in the middle of the night and telling me to move, so I headed back to the Bridgeport area, which is a different NF.



Lower Lee Vining CG (USFS).  About 3 mi W of US395 on Tioga Pass Rd in the Lee Vining, CA area. 7300 ft.  

View From Backyard
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2
Unique Squirrel
Back At Hwy

50+ dirt sites (some tent only) on level land.  Sites generally close together.  Laid out somewhat randomly, w/o organized loops like many CGs.  Trees predomiately tall pines and aspens.  One section has very shady sites, due to a thick grove of tall pines.  Nice creek along one side, but only a few tent sites are on it.  Pit toilets, except 1 vault at front section.  $14.

5th time here.  Stayed in a different part of CG this time and like it.

Saw a unique squirrel that might have been a semi-albino.  Very light colored (see pic).



Same CG as 6/19/20. Robinson Creek CG (USFS).  9 mi SW of Bridgeport, CA on Twin Lakes Rd.  7000 ft. 

Mighty Big Tree #1
Mighty Big Tree #2
Ex Big Tree
CG Creek #1
CG Creek #2
Momma Taking Rest
Momma + Little Ones
Hazy Mountains #1
Hazy Mountains #2
Near Full Moon
Low Lake
Missing A Table?

Back at my favorite E Sierra CG!  Was really glad to find an open site in the first-come N loop.  No shade, but it worked out fine, as my camper made shade at various spots during the day for my easy chair.  Just took it easy and did a lot of reading.  No cell svc, so had to go 1 mi to the lake store for WiFi to check email, or drive about 5 mi towards town to "cell phone corner" for phone calls or use my Net hotspot.  Frequently smoky skies ruined the normally beautiful scenery.  Was at its worse the last day.

Was talking to the host and he said the creek hasn't been stocked since June, because the state fish hatchery got a disease and killed a million fish!  I've been coming up here for 45 years and have caught at least 1000 fish from the creek.  No use trying this time, though. (:

Camper was too warm for an afternoon nap.  Tried laying back in my chair, but after being still for 5 or 10 minutes a chipmunk would jump up on me!  Did it repeatedly, so no nap that way. :)

Repeatedly saw a momma deer and her 2 "this year" little ones very near my camper.  Only had to stand at my door to take pics.

Gigantic pine tree near me (see pic) must be at least a couple of hundred years old.



Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  Off CA89 about 12+ mi SE of Markeleeville, CA.  8200 ft. 

Out My Back Door
Sheep Invasion
There They Go
Sheep Video
Custom Vehicle

On level ground, but close to the hwy for some daytime noise.  I pass through this area about once a year and always wanted to try camping here for a night.  There are better spots nearby that are further from the hwy, but I'm only 2WD, so didn't want to risk it. $0.

Thunderstorm after I arrived and in the middle of the night had me a bit worried about getting stuck in mud getting out.  But no problem, since very little rain.

After breakfast the next morning I heard a sound that just kept getting louder.  Looked out my back window and I was surrounded by a herd of sheep!!  Two dogs and a guy walking were moving them to a new place.  Quite a sight!



Same USFS boondocking area as 8/4/20

Site #1 Again
Site #1 Extra Roomy
[Below @ Site #2]
No One Here??
Clear Skies #1
Clear Skies #2
Clear Skies #3
Not Clear Skies
Smoky Sunset
CG Creek 

Came back here to gain some elevation and for a change of scenery.  First site I picked was new to me and a good one.  Very private and in a group of trees.  Still got some sun for solar charging, though.  I knew this site would get busy on the wknd, so I moved to my 8/4 site on Thur.  Last time I was here on the wknd,  there were plenty of people camped in the main area (a bit away from me) on the wknd.  This time only a couple????

Getting smoky up here from (I assume) a fire N of Truckee.  Then one morning I woke up to beautiful, clear skies.  Next day back to the usual smoke.



Same USFS boondocking site as 8/12/20.

End Of CG Area
Sunny View
Sunset View
Camping Cattle #1
Camping Cattle #2

Decided not to try and find a site around Truckee and just headed back to where I was.  That drive along the W side of Lake Tahoe is a nightmare near the S end!  Very curvy and sightseer cars parked on both sides of the road!

When I arrived here I passed up a good site to check further down the road.  When I got back it was taken!  Oh well, even though the site I took was full sun, it worked out fine, since nobody could get real close to me.  Had some nice shade for sitting in a group of trees.  Very nice camping at the end of the road.  Lots of people there because of that.

Got a surprise when I heard some cows bawling and then they came down the hill and crossed right in front of me, with the cowboys following!



Lakeside CG (USFS).  Exit 188B from  I80 in Truckee, CA and go about 4 mi N on CA89 then E on Prosser Recreation Area road for 1+ miles. 5700 ft.  

My Backyard
Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Within CG #3
Within CG #4

40+ dirt/gravel sites on level land.  Some are small and close together and others are large and well apart.  Many beside the medium sized Prosser Creek Reservoir.   Nice view across lake to dam and mountains.  Vault toilets.  $20.

3rd time here.  Since it was Thursday I got a site, but it was full for the weekend.



Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  South of Lake Tahoe, CA in the Hope Valley area.  1.3 mi SW of the hwy 88/89 jct then N through open gate.  7100 ft. 


My Side Yard
Within CG
CG Meadow
From Last Place

Popular boondocking area visible from hwy.  Main area is a level, deadend dirt road with sites along the sides.  Good part time shade in most sites.  Nice meadow visible from many sites and a short walk.  Main downside is traffic noise from hwy and camping traffic (ATVs, etc) on dirt road beside sites.  Overall a good spot and the price is right at $0.

My 14th straight day for boondocking.  Sets a record, by far!



Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  South of Lake Tahoe, CA in the Hope Valley area.  2.5 mi SW of the hwy 88/89 jct and 5.2 mi S of hwy 88 on Blue Lakes Rd.  7500 ft. 

Same general area as 7/30/20 site, but at the other end of the area.

Wakeup View
Meadow View
Me And Others
He's Got A View!!
Yep, It Rained
Others Here
Med Evac #1
Med Evac #2
Purty Flowers
Fluffy Clouds
Sunset Time

This site is very different from the previous creekside one.  It's on the edge of a beautiful meadow, with great views of the forest and mountains.  Creek is a short walk and hidden in the bushes.  Adjacent paved road that leads to lakes and campgrounds results in some daytime noise.  $0.

Had to leave for a visit to Lake Tahoe to dump tanks, etc.  Was gone for about 4 hours, but fortunately this site was still available when I got back! Yay!

Had a pretty good rain one afternoon.  Then some excitement a couple of days later when a med evac chopper landed in the meadow to take someone away.  Heard it was an ATVer that had an accident.  Weekenders increased the "busyness" of the CG, but by Sunday afternoon all was back to the more relaxed normal.  Yay!



Same boondocking spot (USFS) as 6/24. 7500 ft. 

Easy Chair View
Backdoor View
Road Btw Sites
CG Scenery #1
CG Scenery #2
CG Scenery #3
CG Scenery #4
CG Scenery #5

Wow, got the same great creekside site as the last time!!  Plenty of people here, though.  Some left on Sunday, so less peeps and less generator noise! Sunny every day with  highs of mid 80s and lows of  between 35F and 29F (brrrr!).

Won't have my normal MO this year of moving CGs every day or 2.  Why?  Because this year isn't normal!!



Visiting my kids in the SF Bay area.


Got my yearly waxing of my camper done.  Looks pretty good for almost 20 years old! :)



Same Gilroy RV park as 6/15/20.

Where I'm Headed
New Solar Controller
Solar App Screens

Finally ready for Ramblin' 2020, about 2 months later than usual.  But frankly, I don't have a lot of enthusiasm for it this year (my 15th).  The you-know-what (YKW) has drained it from me.  Normally I'd head to visit my cousin in MT.  Going to skip it this year due to YKW. Probably stick to NorCal and the W & E sides of the Sierras and do more boondocking than usual.  Stay tuned to see if I last until early Nov, as usual, or do YKW problems cause me to head home earlier.  Hopefully I can add a few miles to my current 132K ramblin' total. Stay safe and healthy!




Back home packing for Ramblin' 2020.






Boondocking site (USFS). Not a developed campground.  South of Lake Tahoe, CA in the Hope Valley area.  2.5 mi SW of the hwy 88/89 jct and 4.5 mi S of hwy 88 on Blue Lakes Rd.  7500 ft. 

(Note: GPS might not find proper entry road)


My Backyard
View From CG #1
View From CG #2
View From CG #3
On The Way Here

Popular boondocking area spread out over about 3/4 mile alongside Blue Lakes Rd.  Spots for both small and large rigs.  Views of creek/meadow/mountains vary with site.  Creek size Carson River (West Fork) nearby. $0.

My 7th time in this area.  I like it here!! :)



Robinson Creek CG (USFS).  9 mi SW of Bridgeport, CA on Twin Lakes Rd.  7000 ft. 

Nearby Lake
Mountains Zoomed In
Lake Toys
CG Creek
Through The Pines
Late Day Mtn View
Campsite Lighting
Obligatory Campfire

Very popular CG with 54 paved sites in tall pines on level land.  Shade varies significantly with site. The very nice Robinson Creek wraps around the CG.  Usually good fishing, if they have stocked recently.  Many sites on the creek.  My favorite Sierra CG. Several other CGs and two large lakes nearby.  $23.

Another fun family campout with my daughter and son and family.  This was my 44th straight year to camp in this area!  USFS opened the CG a week before our reservation.  Yay!! :)



Gilroy Garlic USA RV Park.  In Gilroy, CA  200 ft.   

First stop of the summer part of Ramblin' 2020.

Rest Stop Solar Power

Very nice commercial RV park with 170+ paved sites.  Most RVers here appear to be "extended stay" folks, but the park does have short stay spots.  All the usual amenities: showers, laundry, pool, etc.  Close to large shopping centers with stores and eating places.  Some hwy noise from nearby US101.  $60 (back-in with full hookups).

4th time here.  Don't usually stay in this type of CG, but it's what worked into my schedule best. Also, not all alternatives are open yet due to you-know-what.




Decided I better see what Quartzite, CA is all about, so I took an unusual winter trip to find out.  Glad I did!!





Antelope Valley Fairgrounds RV Park in Lancaster, CA.
2300 ft.  

Puffy Clouds
Poppy Bloom #1
Poppy Bloom #2
Snowy Mountains

80+ paved spaces, pull-thru & back-in. Water, electric & sewer at all.  No shade.  Large building with flush toilets and showers.  Free WiFi.  Some "hum" from freeway about 1/2 mi away.  $25. (w/30A full hookups).

2nd time here.  Good spot at reasonable price.



Sportsman Club RV Park in Joshua Tree, CA. 2600 ft.

Within CG
Going To Next Stop

Nice close-to-town place with almost 80 sand sites; 55 with full hookups and 23 with partial. Tent sites, also.  Hot showers, bathrooms, laundromat and free WiFi.  Little shade.  Nice and quiet at night. No dump station.  $35 (tents $20+).



Boondocking site (BLM)  Not a developed campground. Just outside the S entrance to Joshua Tree NP. 1700 ft.

Within JTNP #1
Within JTNP #2
Within JTNP #3
Within JTNP #4 

Just E of Cottonwood Springs Rd and about 1/4 mi S of JTNP entrance.  Sandy and slightly sloping ground.  Not as easy to find a flat spot as in the "Q" areas.  Several others here on both side of Cottonwood Rd.  I10 almost a mile away, so very little noise. $0.



Boondocking site (BLM)  Not a developed campground. About 6 mi S of Quartzite, AZ at Roadrunner BLM area. 1000 ft.

CG View #1
CG View #2
Plenty Of Room
Quartzite Cemetery

About 1/2 mi W of US95 on flat, packed sand. Very large area, so no nearby neigbors.   Minimal noise from hwy.  Although I liked all my Quartzite spots, I think I liked this one the best (don't ask me why).  $0.



Boondocking site (BLM)  Not a developed campground. About 20 mi S of Quartzite, AZ near KOFA Refuge.  1300 ft.

CG View #1
CG View #2
CG Sunset #1
CG Sunset #2

About 1/2 mi E of US95 and beside Palm Canyon Rd.  Didn't go into the KOFA area, but sure enjoyed the view of the mountains around Palm Canyon.  Only sporadic traffic on the bumpy road to the canyon.  $0.



Boondocking site (BLM)  Not a developed campground. About 7 mi N of Quartzite, AZ at Plomosa Rd BLM area.. 900 ft.

My first time camping at Quartzite!!

Within CG
No Close Neighbors
Yep, It Rained
On The Way Here

About 2 mi E of US95.  Very large area with packed sand.  Since past the peak season, easy to find a place w/o being close to someone else.  I'd guess I was at least 75 yards away from my nearest neighbor.  Hadn't planned 3 days here, but it rained on and off, so I just stayed here until it quit.  Paved road nearby, but not much traffic.  $0.



Bluegrass Festival in Lake Havasu City, AZ. For the Bluegrass On The Beach Festival. 400 ft.

Other Campers
Music Fans
Kayak Klub?
Nice Sunset
Full Moon
Pretty Lake View

I timed my trip to Quartzite so I could also go to this festival.  Bluegrass is one of favorite music types.  Several nationally known acts,  III Tyme Out among them.  Beautiful setting alongside Lake Havasu.  Weather was great.

Was able to sit with some of my friends from my previous home location in SoCal.  We did a bit of jamming after the show one day.



Lake Havasu State Park in Lake Havasu City, AZ.. 400 ft.

Almost Sunset
Beautiful Sunset
Rosy Clouds

Actual CG was full, so I stayed in the overflow area.  Worked out fine. Plenty of room in the allocated 2 side-by-side spaces.  Restroom in the middle. Beautiful "beside the lake" location.  $25.




Needles KOA in Needles, CA. 500 ft.

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
View From CG

Nice place with full hookup sites, smalll cabins and tent area.  Pool, clubhouse and laundry. $35



Boondocking site (BLM)  Not a developed campground.  S of Mohave Nat'l Preserve.  2600 ft.  

@#$%^& STUCK!!
Stuck Leftovers
Site #2
Desert View #1
Desert View #2
Desert View #3
Desert View #4

Was headed for a boondocking site I found on the Net, but someone was there.  Decided to let them have their peace and went on up the road.  Found a spot I liked and pulled off the hard pack sand to it.  Unfortunately, it was very soft sand and I got STUCK!  AAA wouldn't pull me out (because I wasn't beside a paved road), so the next morning I called a tow service over an hour away.  Cost me big bucks for the tow but only $0 for the site.

After getting unstuck, I moved to the other nearby site for a second night.  Wind blew like the dickens all night and I hardly slept.  Oh what fun!! :)



Shady Lane RV Camp in Barstow, CA. 2000 ft.

Dern, I lost it!
Cool Bug

A not fancy, but decent, "mom and pop" place on the outskirts of town. 30+ level sand sites. Shade depends on site.  Clean restrooms.  Laundry available.  $36.



River Run RV Park in Bakersfield, CA. 400 ft.

Within CG #1
Within CG #2
Dry River Bed

Very nice place with 100+ paved sites with full hookup.  All the usual RV park amenities (pool, laundry, etc.).  Usually dry large river bed in back of several sites. Eating and shopping a short drive. Pay dump station.  $50

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